Hong Kong bank tells U.S.-born customers to download & fill out a Certificate of Loss of Nationality #GATCA

From Dah Sing Bank’s Self-Certificate Form (Individual) for FATCA, as of lunchtime on 22 November (Internet Archive snapshot, in case they change it later): 如閣下申報為非美國人士,但出生地為美國,請同時提供「Certificate of Loss of Nationality of the United State」表格。[有關表格請於任何一間分行索取或於本行網頁www.dahsing.com下載(工具>表格中心>其他)] If you were born in U.S. but in this form you declare that you are not a U.S. person, please also provide […]

via The Isaac Brock Society http://bit.ly/1Hyhr0r