Links May 9

ICIJ releases database revealing thousands of secret offshore companies
Searchable database displays more than 300,000 entities from the Panama Papers and Offshore Leaks investigations

Panama Papers source breaks silence over ‘scale of injustices’ The Guardian
“Whistleblower says leak of 11.5m Mossack Fonseca files on offshore tax havens has triggered debate but not enough action”. See also our earlier blog Panama Papers: source issues a tax justice document

Panama Papers Source Offers to Aid Inquiries if Exempt From Punishment The New York Times

Panama Papers source breaks silence, denies being a spy – Sueddeutsche Zeitung Reuters

Tax havens have no economic justification, say top economists The Guardian
Thomas Piketty and Jeffrey Sachs among more than 300 signatories of letter urging world leaders at UK anti-corruption summit to lift secrecy. See also: World leaders urged to end secrecy around tax havens abc, interview with TJN’s research director @alexcobham

Podcast: Tax Justice Network’s Alex Cobham on how financial secrecy fuels inequity Humanosphere

Beyond Panama: Unlocking the world’s secrecy jurisdictions ICIJ

The $10bn question: what happened to the Marcos millions? The Guardian

Panama Papers: Canada, Sri Lanka Launch Probe OCCRP
Authorities in France, Australia, Austria and the United Kingdom, among others, have opened investigations or probes related to laundering and fraud over the past several weeks.

Panama Papers links Namibian lawyer to mafia ANCIR

Pakistan: Analysis: Can the Panama Papers be probed? Dawn

Bulgaria: State Banker Registered Offshore to Manage Yacht, Panama Papers Reveal OCCRP

Panama Papers: Romanian Ex-Finance State Secretary Offshore Business Questioned OCCRP

Scandals deal blow to Panama’s image as financial hub France 24

Panama Papers Include Dozens of Americans Tied to Fraud and Financial Misconduct ICIJ

US tax havens – the new Switzerland? swissinfo / The Financial Times


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