August 31, 2016: Israel Supreme Court issues temporary injunction against FATCA enforcement in Israel

I received this information from Marc Zell, who is co-Chair of Republicans Overseas Israel and one of the attorneys leading the attack on FATCA in Israel. This Israeli legal proceeding adds to those opposing FATCA in Canada and the U.S.

Marc says: “Israeli Supreme Court today issued a temporary injunction against enforcement of the FATCA data transfer provisions in the newly enacted FATCA implementation law and regulations in a suit brought by Republicans Overseas Israel. An emergency hearing is to be held before September 15, 2016. This is a preliminary but important victory for individual liberty!”

So far, the press on this seems to be limited to an article in Hebrew, which can be google translated imperfectly into english:

Part of the text says:

“… According to the petitioners – Association of Republicans Abroad [Overseas] in Israel and Rinat Schreiber, a civilian resident of Israel [who] has US citizenship, which holds the account in Bank Hapoalim – it contradict[s] the Basic Law on Human Dignity and Liberty. This is because it violates the right to privacy, right to property and the right to equality, and no proper purpose of this law. The petitioners, who are represented by attorneys Mark [Zell], Noam Schreiber, — the best of our knowledge there are similar proceedings in the United States and Canada…”

via The Isaac Brock Society