FATCA Harm Finally Makes it to a Novel

via The Isaac Brock Society http://bit.ly/2cDdhw1

For the avoidance of doubt, I am not the author of this particular article. I am simply posting a link.

That said, I have distilled the combined FATCA, CDOT and CRS regimes into less than 300 rules that lead to complying and evidencing compliance with each of these regimes at the same time.

If you are interested in obtaining a free copy of this Rule Map, let me know via email (haydon@haydonperryman.com) and I will send you a complimentary copy.


Donna-Lane Nelson is a co-plaintiff with me in the Republicans Overseas U.S. FATCA/IGA/FBAR lawsuit.

The July 14, 2015 Complaint states that: “…Fearing that she would eventually not be able to bank in the country where she lived, she [Donna-Lane] decided to relinquish her U.S. citizenship. She did so on December 11, 2011 at the U.S. Consulate in Bern, Switzerland. The decision to relinquish her U.S. citizenship was not easy, but ultimately she felt that she had to choose between having the ability to access local financial services where she lived or be a U.S. citizen…”

I mention now that Donna-Lane, a novelist, has published a murder mystery (“Murder in Schwyz“) which includes a description of the harm caused by FATCA:

“…At home, Brett’s marriage is in deep trouble, but he doesn’t want a divorce. He wants the best for his two daughters and he is also trapped because Swiss banks are closing the accounts of Americans. He has put every asset in his Swiss wife’s name. A divorce will leave him with nothing.”

A novel that includes FATCA harm is, I think, a first.