OECD threatens Bahamas with blacklisting, Bahamas wilts

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The Bahamas approach to transparency

The Bahamas on transparency

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo is running an article in Spanish, whose headline translates as “If Bahamas goes on like this, it will go onto the G20 blacklist” – and the text in quote marks comes from Pascal Saint-Amans, head of tax at the OECD, the club of rich countries.

The Bahamas has been in the news recently: first, we wrote a scathing blog about how the Bahamas was a big hole in global efforts to build transparency, refusing to participate effectively in the OECD’s incoming Common Reporting Standard to share banking information across border. Very soon afterwards, an article appeared in The Economist whose subheading “The Bahamas cocks a snook at the war on tax-dodgers” said it all — and it received a fusillade of angry responses from Bahamas media. Then, a few days later, a series of “BahamasLeaks” international articles appeared in the media, co-ordinated by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ,) confirming Bahamas’ role as a turntable for dirty money.

Bahamas officials and media have recently given the impression that they are under a “very well organised attack.” They aren’t, as far as we can tell, but pressure is certainly now on them.  The reason for this pressure is simple: Bahamas has been  aggressively selling itself as the place that won’t co-operate with international norms on transparency: going out to international wealth management conferences, we hear, and essentially promising that ‘your secrets are safe with us.’

Take a look, for example, at this list of delegates to the STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) Conference in Panama now underway.  The long list is fascinating in its own right, but one thing is particularly notable. Almost every single player on that list is a private sector player except for three sets of people: a delegation from the government of Anguilla; two people from Invest Barbados; and a five-strong official delegation from the Bahamas.  We presume, though we don’t know, that they are still flogging the Bahamas secrecy promise.

We don’t think that Bahamas is going to be able to give that ‘secrets are safe with us’ reassurance to the world’s crooks for much longer. In fact, we’re starting to see signs that it is beginning to give way on its hardline approach. Influential voices are now coming out:

“A prominent QC [Queen’s Counsel, or top lawyer] yesterday urged the Bahamas to “immediately” begin the process of seeking out automatic tax information exchange partner countries, arguing that it needed to seal 50-60 such agreements by the 2018 deadline.

Brian Moree QC, senior partner at McKinney, Bancroft & Hughes, told Tribune Business that the Bahamas should not wait to pass the enabling legislation, and accompanying regulations, to deliver on its international commitments.

He recommended that the Government start sending out “invitations” to other countries, in a bid to initiate automatic tax information exchange agreement negotiations, within the next two weeks – a timeline that coincides with when the draft legislation should be released for industry/public consultation.

Faced with an OECD-inspired media onslaught, Mr Moree warned that the Bahamas could ill-afford to be ‘blacklisted’ by either this organisation or the European Union (EU), as this would be “extremely dangerous” for the financial services industry’s health.”

Even this apparently reformist voice, however, seems keen to play the ‘kiss up, kick down’ approach – that is, exchange information with rich, powerful countries (with power to influence a blacklist, in this case) while still withholding information from poorer countries more vulnerable to looting by their élites.  This, of course, won’t do. Bahamas needs to exchange information with Latin American countries in particular, from which many if not most of the Bahamas’ top clients are drawn.

It’s not just one QC talking about this. From the Bahamas Tribune:

“The Bahamas is aiming to start automatic tax information exchange agreement negotiations a “full year” before it has committed to implementing the new global standard, a Cabinet Minister said yesterday.

Hope Strachan, minister of financial services, indicated that acting to meet its Common Reporting Standard (CRS) obligations ahead of schedule was the best way for the Bahamas to respond to “the very well-organised” attack now being mounted on its financial services industry.”

Bahamas certainly hasn’t given in yet, though. Here’s Foreign Minister Frederick Mitchell addressing the United Nations General Assembly on Monday, attacking the OECD:


Flanked by a Bahamas bishop and several Reverends, and decrying the fact that the children of Politically Exposed People were struggling to open bank accounts in developed countries because of banks’ perceptions of money laundering risks, he attacked the OECD:

“The problem is, over-regulation imposed on countries by the OECD has led to negative unintended consequences. Suddenly, being a politician or a politician’s family is to run the risk of not being offered banking services around the world. This is wrong.

These Caribbean territories described in their tourist brochures as “paradises” are being treated as if they are hell on earth, by dint of these new financial rules. Using pejorative expressions like ‘tax havens’ and imposing unfair rules and sanctions on these societies which might prevent valuable remittances to folks back home, or prevent paying the school fees of Bahamian and Caricom students abroad.”

And then he makes a statement which will raise amused eyebrows among wealth-management firms:

“All applicable agreements are adhered to and are complied with in connection with money laundering and the unlawful escape from taxes. The attacks on the Bahamas and the Caricom region are inaccurate and unfair. The recent attacks in the press on the Bahamas financial services sector are simply reprehensible and violations of international norms, and we reject them.”

Fighting talk.

In some ways, the Bahamas government does have a point, though. A big part of the problem is that the OECD, for reasons best known to itself, has allowed countries to take the bilateral approach to engagement with the CRS, which it never should have allowed in the first place.

Bahamas is being pushed, kicking and streaming, towards better transparency to curb tax evasion and financial crime.

But will it be pushed far enough?


List of attendees at the Bahamas STEP conference

First Name Last Name Company Country
Shernika Connor Anguilla Finance Limited Anguilla
Chantelle Richardson Anguilla Tourist Board Anguilla
Lonnie Hobson Commercial Registry Anguilla
Merwyn Rogers Government Of Anguilla Anguilla
Javier Canosa Canosa Abogados Argentina
Nicolas Recondo JTC Group Argentina
Pablo Tedin JTC Group Argentina
Juan Kennedy Kennedy Represas y Asociados Argentina
Walter Keiniger Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal Argentina
Gerardo Viramonte Viramonte & Asociados Argentina
Tanya McCartney Bahamas Financial Services Board Bahamas
Neil Baker Banca del Sempione (Overseas) Ltd Bahamas
James Hoar Clairmont Trust Company Ltd Bahamas
Samantha Knowles-Pratt Delaney Partners Bahamas
Brian Jones Deltec Fund Services Limited Bahamas
Alain Kunz Equity Bank And Trust Bahamas Ltd. Bahamas
Linda Beidler-D’Aguilar Glinton Sweeting O’Brien Bahamas
Castino Sands Lennox Patten Bahamas
Brandace Duncanson Ministry of Financial Services Bahamas
Cassandra Johnson Ministry of Financial Services Bahamas
C.V. Hope Strachan Ministry of Financial Services Bahamas
LaTonia Symonette-Tinker Ministry of Financial Services Bahamas
Anastasia Wright Morgan & Drake Bahamas
Nicholas Wright Morgan & Drake Bahamas
Andrew Rolle Mundo Advisors Bahamas
Guillaume Bouffard Premium Life Insurance Ltd. Bahamas
Carole Richard Private Investment Bank Ltd Bahamas
Anjamarie Charles The Winterbotham Trust Company Limited Bahamas
David Rounce The Winterbotham Trust Company Limited Bahamas
Peter Walker The Winterbotham Trust Company Limited Bahamas
John Lawrence Windermere Corporate Management Ltd Bahamas
Debbie Browne Alexandria Trust Corporation Barbados
Trevor Burke Amicorp Bank and Trust Ltd. Barbados
Natalia Sisnett Cidel Barbados
Karen Perreira InterCaribbean Legal Barbados
Jillian Banfield Invest Barbados Barbados
Kenneth Campbell Invest Barbados Barbados
Derrick Cummins J&T Bank and Trust Inc. Barbados
Jacqueline Inniss J&T Bank and Trust Inc. Barbados
Roland Jones The Axebridge Group Barbados
Neal Griffith The Blue Financial Group Barbados
Corina Salazar The Blue Financial Group Barbados
Tanya Lord Jones Belize Corporate Services Limited Belize
Ava Lovell Belisle Belize Corporate Services Limited Belize
Beatriz Godfrey International Corporate Services Limited Belize
Amanda Young International Trust Services Limited Belize
Jonathan Dunlop Butterfield Trust Bermuda
James Stooke Butterfield Trust Bermuda Bermuda
Randall Krebs Meritus Trust Bermuda
Carolina Chao BTG Pactual Brazil
Norberto Martins Corpag do Basil Ltda. Brazil
Monique Azevedo EY Brazil
Luis Felipe Drummond Fiducia International Brazil
Roberta Rosin Fiducia International Brazil
Andrea Caliento Lefosse Advogados Brazil
Joana Liu Lefosse Advogados Brazil
Camilla Arno Norton Rose Fulbright Brazil
Michael Pryor Priory Advisory Brazil
Silvania Tognetti Tognetti Advocacia Brazil
Claire Abrehart AMS Trustees Limited BVI
Cornel Baptiste Hudsun Trust Company Limited BVI
Sabinah Clement Intertrust BVI
Shanica Maduro-Christopher Intertrust BVI
Toni Bonzon Trident Trust Company (BVI) Limited BVI
Cristiane Matos Trident Trust Company (BVI) Ltd. BVI
Jack Husbands Walkers BVI
Chris Mathers CHRIS MATHERS INC. Crime and Risk Consulting Canada
Julian Arbelaez Cidel Canada
Armando Ramos Cidel Canada
Neil Reines Cidel Canada
Hilton Sacks Cidel Canada
Christopher Willis Henley & Partners Canada
Kerry Harris ReBoot Consulting Group Canada
Adriana De Oliveira Alexandria Bancorp Limited Cayman Islands
Robert Madden Alexandria Bancorp Cayman Islands
Angella Williams-Myers Cayman National Trust Co. Ltd. Cayman Islands
Ricardo Morais CIBC Bank and Trust Company (Cayman) Limited Cayman Islands
Robert Lindley Conyers Dill & Pearman Cayman Islands
Paul-Martin Seguin EFG Bank Cayman Islands
Gonzalo Jalles Harneys Cayman Islands
Elkie Rose Harneys Cayman Islands
David Titcombe Hawksford Cayman Islands
Maxine Bodden Maples and Calder Cayman Islands
Alan Milgate Rawlinson & Hunter Cayman Islands
Emma Santiago Rawlinson & Hunter Cayman Islands
Kai McGriele Solomon Harris Cayman Islands
Andrew Miller Walkers Cayman Islands
Keenya Farrington-Stubbs Winterbotham Corporate and Funds Services (Cayman) Limited Cayman Islands
Graham Stoute Carey Olsen Cayman Islands/BVI
Manuel Jose Alcalde Carey y Cia. Chile
Arturo Garnham Garnham Abogados Chile
Cristian Mena Recabarren & Asociados Chile
Patricia Arrazola Akro Legal Colombia
Paula Camacho Henao Brigard & Urrutia Abogados Colombia
Ana Maria Correa Echeverri BTG PACTUAL Colombia
Lya Glaentzlin CLA Consultores Colombia
Raul Serebrenik FCWPC-ABA Colombia
Cesar Alfonso Delgado Varela Financial Service Colombia
Carolina Bobillier Gómez – Pinzón Zuleta Abogados Colombia
lvaro Andrés Díaz Gómez – Pinzón Zuleta Abogados Colombia
Luz Alfonso Lewin & Wills Abogados Colombia
Adrian Rodriguez P. Lewin & Wills Abogados Colombia
Luz Cabrera MORGAN & MORGAN Colombia
Miguel Ocampo OLANO + OCAMPO ATG Colombia
Carlos Olano OLANO + OCAMPO ATG Colombia
Beatriz Gomez Cortes Sentido Legal Colombia
Roberto Navas UNA Legal Colombia
Daniel Araya Arias & Muñoz Costa Rica
Alexandre Barbellion EY Costa Rica
Arturo Apéstegui Pacheco Coto Costa Rica
Rebeca Zamora Roble Trust Costa Rica
Juan Navarro Alpha Management Curacao
Jose M. Alayeto P Amicorp International Curacao
Maria Flavia Junqueira da Cunha Axtor Group Curacao
Vanessa Aniceta Axtor N.V. Curacao
Soneska Davila Blue Bank International N.V. Curacao
Ramilu Kleinmoedig Central Bank of Curacao and Sint Maarten Curacao
Pieter Olthof CMTC Capital Management & Trust Co N.V. Curacao
Eric Paassen CMTC Capital Management & Trust Co N.V. Curacao
Rose-Marie Acosta – Tweeboom FFMS N.V. Curacao
Raoul Behr HBM Group Curacao
Paul de Sousa HBM Group Curacao
Rhona Mendez SGG Mngt Group Curacao
Juan Pablo Cucalon Amicorp Curacao Ecuador
Javier Robalino Orellana FERRERE Ecuador
Juan Carlos Gallegos Gallegos, Valarezo & Neira Ecuador
David Garces Gallegos, Valarezo & Neira Ecuador
Francisco Nugué MMG Trust Ecuador
Gustavo V. Ortega Tax & Legal Advisors Ecuador
Christopher Pitaluga Abacus Financial Services Gibraltar
Beatriz Luengo The Pantaleon Group Inc. Guatemala
James Cassidy Dominion Managed Services Jersey
Edward Buckland STEP Worldwide Chair Jersey
Pablo Pecina Lombard International Assurance S.A. Luxembourg
Berenice Carrasquedo BFC Asesores S.C. Mexico
Aureliano Gonzalez Bryan Gonzalez Vargas & Gonzalez Baz Mexico
Dr. Mauricio Meschoulam Centro de Investigacion Para la Paz Mexico
Alfredo Sanchez Chevez Ruiz Zamarripa Mexico
Erendira Solis Corpag Group Mexico
Luis Rene Paleo IN consulting Mexico
Wenceslao Renovales Mission Bay Panama SA Mexico
Alejandro Garcia Patrimonium Consultores Mexico
José Corona Tax Administration Service Mexico
Erika Charles TMSourcing Mexico
Julio Rodriguez SGG Group Miami Miami
Juan Carlos De Sousa SGG Miami Miami
Craig Redler Amicorp New Zealand
Matt Butterfield Denton Morrell New Zealand
Matthew French IN Fiduciary Services Limited New Zealand
Mariana Devoto Group GNK New Zealand/Switzerland
Amanda Lescure Aleman, Cordero, Galindo & Lee Panama
Anayansi Villalobos Aleman, Cordero, Galindo & Lee Panama
Raul Zuniga Aleman, Cordero, Galindo & Lee (ALCOGAL) Panama
Carlos Ucar Alfaro, Ferrer & Ramirez Panama
Javier Carrizo Arias, Aleman & Mora Panama
Jesus de Luca Arias Fabrega & Fabrega Panama
Maria Jose Durling Arias Fabrega & Fabrega Panama
Rosa Restrepo Arias, Fabrega & Fabrega Panama
Marlee Martiz-Lee Asiaciti Trust Panama
Monica Randino Asiaciti Trust Panama
Ana Isabel Diaz Vallejo Assets Trust & Corporate Services Inc. Panama
Jose Manuel Jaen Assets Trust & Corporate Services Inc. Panama
Agnes Stella Valderrama Assets Trust & Corporate Services Inc. Panama
Alberto Crespo ATU (Panama) S.A. Panama
Simon Keckeis ATU (Panama) SA Panama
Amauri Batista Arias AVANTGARDE LEGAL Panama
Dayra Berbey de Rojas AXIOS Law Panama
Ginett Borace AXIOS Law & Trust Panama
Jesus Barretto BHD International Bank Panama Panama
Veronica Crismatt BHD International Bank Panama Panama
Guillermo Mendez BHD International Bank Panama Panama
Mayra Rodriguez BHD International Bank Panama Panama
Jacqueline Marxen Britton & Iglesias Panama
Enrique Bermudez Kant Denfab Panama
Ricardo Faraudo Denfab Panama
Alvaro Lopez Domenico Investment Advisors, Inc. Panama
Luis Eduardo Ocando EY Panama
Ana Lucrecia Tovar Fabrega Molino & Mulino Panama
Mauricio Lepe Finec Asset Management Panama
Giovanna Bernal Bernal FT International Law Firm Panama
Paolo Ferrari FT International Law Firm Panama
Maria Cristina Icaza Gala Trust & Management Services, Inc. Panama
Roberto De Araujo Galindo, Arias & Lopez Panama
Gonzalo Robles Galindo, Arias & Lopez Panama
Ramon Anzola Global Corporate Consultants, Inc. Panama
Thays de Salas Global Corporate Consultants, Inc. Panama
Maximiliano Guaglianone Global Corporate Consultants, Inc Panama
Karina Picota Global Corporate Consultants, Inc Panama
Thania Rodriguez Global Corporate Consultants,, Inc Panama
Manuela Fogarty Virgilio Global Financial Funds Corp. Panama
Alvaro Almengor Hatstone Panama
Carl O’Shea Hatstone Panama
Lizst Real Hatstone Panama
Estefania Aleman Arias Icaza, Gonzalez-Ruiz & Aleman Panama
Luis A. Chalhoub Icaza, Gonzalez-Ruiz & Alemán Panama
Luis Martinez Icaza Trust Corporation (ITC) Panama
Virginia Pimentel Icaza Trust Corporation (ITC) Panama
Eyra Perdomo Independent Panama
Gonzalo Perez Inteligo Bank Panama
Eduardo Gonzalez Garay IPAL Trust Corp. Panama


Luis Laguerre KPMG Panama
Karina Urena Romero Kuzniecky & Co. Panama
Andres Lapadula LEC Abogados Panama
Yolanda Valdes Legacy Corporate Services & Legacy Law Panama
Carolina Velasquez Legacy Corporate Services & Legacy Law Panama
Maria Lima Lima y Asociados Panama
Alvaro Aguilar Lombardi Aguilar Group Laglex.com Panama
Nestor Broce MMG Trust Panama
Raul Castro MORGAN & MORGAN Panama
Yimara Gomez MORGAN & MORGAN Panama
Luis Manzanares MORGAN & MORGAN Panama
Alexis Medina MORGAN & MORGAN Panama
Carlos Guzman NTL Trust Panama
Nicolo Solzi NTL Trust Panama
Nick Stevens NTL Trust Panama
Stephany Escudero OMC Group Panama
Isabelle Estripeaut OMC Group Panama
Aribel Magallon OMC Group Panama
Karina Sanin OMC Group Panama
Katalina Rodriguez OWENS & OWENS International Legal and Trust Group Panama
Gilberto Arosemena C. Patton, Moreno & Asvat Panama
Aymard Jimenez Granda Pegasus – Lawyers & Consultants Panama
Sofia Jovane Primus Advanced Management Services Inc. Panama
Pascal Kalt Primus Advanced Management Services Inc Panama
Abraham Teran Reuters TV Panama
Emilia Chacon RUA Porter Novelli Panama
Giovanna Lagrotta RUA Porter Novelli Panama
Rossana Uribe RUA Porter Novelli Panama
Khaly Verdurmen RUA Porter Novelli Panama
Francisco Martinelli SIGNIA Panama
Michelle Martinelli SIGNIA Panama
Ernesto Arias Sucre, Arias & Reyes Trust Services Panama
Eugenia Quintela Sucre, Arias & Reyes Trust Services Panama
Khiet Le Trinh Sucre, Arias & Reyes Panama
Marco Antonio Diaz SVB Advisors & Co Panama
Julissa Valdes Swiss Arifa Trust Panama
Krystian Robinson Trust Services, S.A. Panama
Justin Pryor UBS Panama
Rene La Barre UBS AG Panama
Nicolas San Roman UBS Asesores SA Panama
Andres Sanjur   Panama
Filip Kreutzer Primus Advanced Management Services Inc Panama
Oscar Falero BCP Peru
Catalina Montt BCP Peru
Vanessa Rivera Drokasa Peru
Jose Chiarella Garrigues Peru
Camilo Maruy Rebaza & Alcazar Abogados Peru
Alberto Rebaza Rebaza & Alcazar Abogados Peru
Daniela Urquiza Rebaza & Alcazar Abogados Peru
Alex Morris Rodrigo, Elias & Medrano, Abogados Peru
Efrain Rodriguez Rodrigo, Elias & Medrano, Abogados Peru
Gianmarco Gamboa The Corpag Group Peru
Maria Diaz Vestin Bank Puerto Rico
Guadalupe Diaz-Sunico Cuatrecasas, Goncalves Pereira Spain
Betty Motta de Maestre Igmasa Management Spain
Evan Hermiston Adco Incorporated St. Lucia
Elden Edward Bank of Saint Lucia International Limited St. Lucia
Lisle Chase Saint Lucia IFC St. Lucia
John J. Ryan, Jr. CISA Trust Company Switzerland
Peter Cotorceanu G&TCA and Anaford Switzerland
Klemens Zeller J.P. Morgan Switzerland
Graciela Ramirez Cuevas JPMorgan Switzerland
Stefano Grisoni Premier Trust Gmbh Switzerland
Pedro Hernandez Cortes Rothschild Trust (Schweiz) AG Switzerland
Adrian Corr Miller Simons O’Sullivan Turks & Caicos Islands
Carolina Varela ARISTOS Management UK
Richard Morley BDO LLP UK
Jonathan Pitkin BDO LLP UK
Paul Hunter Crestbridge Limited UK
Michael Maxwell Dixcart International UK
Chris McKenzie O’Neal Webster (UK) LLP UK
Elaine Crehan STEP UK
Kelly Wu STEP UK
Paul Seal STEP Worldwide UK
Richard Hay Stikeman Elliott (London) LLP UK
Robert Reymond Stikeman Elliott (London) LLP UK
Julian Arsuaga Baker Tilly Uruguay
Francisco Olivera Impact Itech Uruguay
Javier Ramirez Impact Itech Uruguay
Francisco Tochetti Invertax Uruguay
Marcelo Gutierrez Invertax – Vestin Bank Uruguay
Diego Primavesi Investa Uruguay
Martin Litwak Litwak & Partners, International Lawyers Uruguay
Maia Oliva MVD Group Uruguay
Gregor Schmid Orion Advisors S.A. Uruguay
Matias Rachetti Posadas & Vecino Consultores Internacionales Uruguay
Raul Vairo Posadas & Vecino Consultores Internacionales Uruguay
Ricardo Barros The Winterbotham Trust Company Limited Uruguay
Sandra Díaz The Winterbotham Trust Company Limited Uruguay
Conrado Lucero The Winterbotham Trust Company Limited Uruguay
Luis Marmissolle The Winterbotham Trust Company Limited Uruguay
Ivan Hooper The Winterbotham Trust Company Ltd. Uruguay
Juan Ricardo Romero The Winterbothm Trust Company Limited Uruguay
Nicolas Barizo Group GNK Uruguay/Argentina
Mariana Martino Group GNK Uruguay/Argentina
Michael Malloy Advanced Financial Solutions USA
Leslie Boughner Advantage Insurance USA
Mariabel Dutari Advantage Insurance USA
Ruben Gely-Ortiz Advantage Insurance USA
Monica Perez Advantage Insurance USA
Egbert Wetherborne Advantage Insurance USA
Eduardo Colon Advantage International Bank Corp. USA
Lou Robinson Alliance Trust Company of Nevada USA
Maitane Ariztoy Amicorp Services Ltd. USA
Mauricio D. Rivero Avila Rodriguez Hernandez Mena & Ferri LLP USA
Ali Alsari AWM Global Advisors USA
Nicole Gutierrez Bilzin Sumberg USA
Jeffrey Rubinger Bilzin Sumberg USA
Hal Webb Bilzin Sumberg USA
Marina Cristiani CISA New York LLC USA
Frances Mickelson Cornerstone Advisors USA
Inigo Aguirrezabala Cuatrecasas, Goncalves Pereira USA
Denise Hintzke Deloitte Tax LLP USA
Gloria Fieldcamp Fiduciary Trust International USA
David Camerini Fox Horan & Camerini USA
Nicole Cunningham Hernandez & Company CPA USA
Olga Vodolazschi Hernandez & Company CPA USA
Rebecca Leon Holland & Knight USA
Luciana Zamith Fischer Hunter Taubman Fischer LLC USA
Jack R. Brister International Wealth Tax Advisors USA
Alicea Castellanos International Wealth Tax Advisors USA
Peter Feild IRI/The Marshall Islands Registry USA
Cisilia Jean IRI/The Marshall Islands Registry USA
Harrison Sones Jackson Hole Trust Company USA
Jiah Kim Jiah Kim & Associates, PC USA
Paulina Wood Life Insurance Consultant USA
Helmer Arizmendy Lombard International USA
Oscar Guerra Lombard International USA
Antonio Gastelum MEG International Cousel USA
Marco Rojas R&S International Law Group, LLP USA
Daniela Rosette R&S International Law Group, LLP USA
Stephen William Sabadell Bank USA
Anabella Murillo Whaite Scotia Wealth Management USA
Don Stubbs Scotia Wealth Management USA
Jorge Carstensen Sophos Advisors USA
Alejandro Gil Sophos Advisors USA
Dr. Marc Silverman Strategic Initiatives Inc. USA
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Kathryn von Matthiessen The Cantor Group USA
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Sean Williams Williams & Associates USA
Robert Jarvis Willis Towers Watson USA
Roger Lorenzo Willis Towers Watson USA
Christina Baltz Withers Bergman LLP USA
Arianna Faucetta Withers Bergman LLP USA
Milan Patel Anaford USA/Switzerland
Carlos Izurieta Intl Family Business Advisors Venezuela


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