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Would you like a free copy of the latest FATCA, CRS and CDOT rule map?

New in this version:

Latest updates and changes, for example, on the new requirement to issue Client Notifications on or before 31st August 2017

Hyperlinks and QR codes for every citation. This means you can go immediately to any citation with one click

If you would like a free copy email me at: and put “Rule Map” in the subject line.


Panama Papers Have Had Historic Global Effects — and the Impacts Keep Coming ICIJ

Journalists Hang Tough in Face of Backlash Against Panama Papers Reporting ICIJ

No more fear of transparency – register of beneficial ownership should become public TJN Germany (In German)

Kenya to lend its tax expertise to Botswana after historic deal KDR TV
For coverage of Tax Inspectors Without Borders, listen to our latest podcast here.

LuxLeaks trial: European civil society organisations mobilising in support of whistleblowers and against tax evasion l’Humanité (In French)

Presenting the Conclusions of the fifth meeting of Tax Administrations TJN Latin America & Caribbean (In Spanish)

Expert analyses money laundering and tax evasion in Argentina TJN Latin America &Caribbean (In Spanish)

End the Corporate Shell Games Bloomberg
Op-Ed from the U.S. Department of Justice – a new tool and resource for beneficial ownership transparency

Malaysian state fund 1MDB: Ex-BSI Banker’s Guilty Plea Reveals Swiss Bank Ties finews

Canada Revenue Agency launches new strategy to crack down on tax havens The Globe and Mail

The current state of play on tax avoidance Tax Research UK

New Panamanian accounting requirements for offshore companies STEP

Ireland: Taoiseach Enda Kenny plays down chance of further Apple tax revelations The Irish Times

Cristiano Ronaldo accused of using Dublin to avoid Spanish taxes The Irish Times


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