‘Fatca not going away’ | The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (Fatca) still exists and is not going away.That’s the statement from Denise Hintzke, Deloitte’s global leader on Fatca and on Common Reporting Standards

Source: ‘Fatca not going away’ | The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper

One thought on “‘Fatca not going away’ | The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper

  1. While FATCA probably will not “go away”, a Same Country Exemption may come in via an amendment to the FATCA regulations by the new Administration or a statutory amendment to the HIRE ACT/FATCA provisions pushed by the Americans Overseas Caucus. Also, there is a serious move afoot to enact Residency-Based Taxation in lieu of Citizenship-Based Taxation. If it can be made revenue neutral and free of loopholes, this is eminently “doable”. With RBT might come a narrowing of the requirements underpinning Form 8938. Keep an eye on the American Citizens Abroad website.

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