More Americans Give Up Citizenship In Reverse Trump Bump

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Expatriating is rarely about politics, unless you call worldwide tax reporting and FATCA politics. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act was enacted …

One thought on “More Americans Give Up Citizenship In Reverse Trump Bump

  1. People renounce for a surprisingly wide range of reasons. But for Americans residing abroad, at the moment, they should pause and look at the movement afoot to switch from citizenship-based taxation to residency-based taxation, which would probably solve almost all of their problems. American Citizens Abroad yesterday posted a great deal of information about what’s happening. The “baseline approach” to switching, by the way, includes a “Same Country Exemption” to FATCA. Congress and the Administration may agree, perhaps as soon as by year-end, on major changes to international tax rules for corporations. Changes affecting individuals may slip in and alongside these.

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