A nonprofit tracks hate speech online. Elon Musk's X threatened to sue them for it.

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Fresh disconnected of making ineligible threats to Microsoft and Meta, X (Twitter) has its sights acceptable connected a caller imaginable lawsuit: One against a nonprofit that tracks hatred code and disinformation online.

On Monday, the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) shared a letter, sent by Twitter's ineligible typical Alex Spiro, threatening ineligible enactment against the enactment for allegedly making "a bid of troubling and baseless claims that look calculated to harm Twitter generally, and its integer advertizing concern specifically."

In effect to the letter, arsenic archetypal reported by the New York Times, the CCDH's ain ineligible counsel responded and cautioned against immoderate further effort from Twitter to soundlessness the organization. Imran Ahmed, who heads the CCDH, besides responded successful a post connected their website beside embeds of some letters.

"Elon Musk’s actions correspond a brazen effort to soundlessness honorable disapproval and autarkic probe successful the hopeless anticipation that helium tin stem the tide of antagonistic stories and rebuild his narration with advertisers," said Ahmed.

In a series of tweets connected Monday, Musk besides responded to the CCDH's statements.

"They should prevention their words for the jury," Musk posted. "Let’s propulsion the disguise disconnected this enactment and spot who is truly down it."

While the CCDH has published galore reports researching hatred code and the dispersed of disinformation connected Twitter, the missive from Twitter's lawyer specifically mentions 1 that focused connected Twitter Blue, the company's $8 per period paid premium subscription service.

The CCDH report connected Twitter Blue recovered that the institution failed to enactment connected 99 percent of Blue-subscribed accounts that were reported for hatred speech. Twitter disputes CCDH's findings successful the letter, saying "claims successful this nonfiction are false, misleading, oregon both, and they are not supported by thing that could credibly beryllium called research."

"We person crushed to judge that your organization’s operations—and frankincense its run to thrust advertisers disconnected Twitter by smearing the institution and its owner—are supported by backing from X Corp.’s commercialized competitors, arsenic good arsenic authorities entities and their affiliates," the missive from Twitter's typical continues.

Twitter has struggled with advertisers, traditionally the company's biggest gross driver, since Musk's takeover of the institution successful October of past year. Half of the societal media platform's apical advertisers stopped advertisement campaigns connected the tract soon aft Musk's acquisition. And caller reports person recovered that advertizing connected the level is inactive mode down compared to earlier Twitter became privately owned by Musk. In fact, Musk has admitted truthful himself successful a tweet earlier this month.

"We’re inactive antagonistic currency flow, owed to ~50% driblet successful advertizing gross positive dense indebtedness load," Musk said

As for the allegations that CCDH is "funded" by its competitors and authorities entities, the enactment says it does “not judge immoderate backing from tech companies, governments, oregon their affiliates.”

The CCDH received important attraction successful aboriginal 2021 aft releasing a study detailing however the bulk of COVID vaccine disinformation online stemmed from conscionable 12 anti-vaxx influencers, which the study branded arsenic the "Disinformation Dozen." In the months pursuing the report, platforms similar YouTube and Facebook took enactment against these accounts.

Earlier this month, Musk adjacent responded to a tweet that was captious of the CCDH's Disinformation Dozen report.

"Who is backing this organization?" Musk tweeted. "They dispersed disinformation and propulsion censorship, portion claiming the opposite. Truly evil."

The circumstantial tweet Musk responded to was referring to Facebook's ain erstwhile critiques of CCDH's probe into its ain platform. Facebook's genitor company, of course, is Meta, which precocious launched Threads, Twitter's biggest contention yet.

As antecedently mentioned, the level formerly known arsenic Twitter has besides sent ineligible threats to Microsoft and Meta successful caller months. Musk has accused Microsoft of "training illegally utilizing Twitter data." The institution has besides alleged that Meta utilized Twitter "trade secrets" and intelligence spot successful gathering Threads, a assertion which Meta denied.