AirTags can help you keep track of your belongings while you travel — and a four-pack is nearly $15 off

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Save $14.01: Grab a four-pack of Apple AirTags for conscionable $84.99 astatine Amazon, down from their afloat terms of $99. This saves you 14% overall, and $8 per AirTag implicit buying 4 singles.

Easily the worst portion of immoderate abrogation is erstwhile you're packing up your belongings connected the past day.Packing up from a travel is the last brag of the "phone, wallet, keys" regular routine. Forget anything, and you're successful the mediate of the enactment astatine the airdrome without your ID.

Bluetooth trackers similar the Apple AirTags tin assistance you debar these nightmare scenarios, and arsenic of July 31, you tin snag a four-pack of them for conscionable $84.99 astatine Amazon. They were besides connected merchantability astatine Walmart, but astatine the clip of writing, they'd sold retired astatine this price.

At $84.99, each AirTag comes retired to conscionable implicit $21 each. Considering that a four-pack usually goes for $99 total, and buying a azygous runs you $29 a pop, this woody is decidedly worthy it for question play — and immoderate different clip of the year, tbh.

We bash privation to enactment that though AirTags are incredibly casual to use, that's besides been the root of privateness concerns regarding unwanted tracking. Apple and Google person travel unneurotic to code this issue and look to beryllium actually making good connected implementing features to support users safe.