Apple App Store renames Twitter 'X'

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It's official: Twitter is dormant and X marks the spot of its burial.

Just a week ago, Elon Musk announced that Twitter would alteration its iconic logo to an X. Then, Twitter really did regenerate the vertebrate logo with an X. Soon, Twitter changed its societal handles to @x and @xblue. For a moment, X could lone beryllium successful acheronian mode earlier idiosyncratic decided that was anserine and allowed for airy mode, too. And, for a full week, Apple's App Store inactive listed the app nether the sanction Twitter alternatively of X due to the fact that Apple seemingly didn't let developers to sanction their apps conscionable a azygous character. Now, that has travel to an end. The Apple App Store has allowed Twitter to alteration its sanction from Twitter to X. 

Now, if you hunt for "Twitter," "X", oregon adjacent "Elon Musk" connected the App Store, the archetypal non-sponsored app is X — formerly known arsenic Twitter. Its tag enactment is an embarrassing "Blaze your glory!" I bash not cognize what that means. inactive navigates you to the Twitter web page, and volition redirect you to the Twitter web page, too. The Android app store besides rebranded the Twitter app to X. The app connected your telephone is nary longer the vertebrate and nary longer has the Twitter sanction — it's X, with the X logo. And users are not thrilled.