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This is easy 1 of the apical 5 BBQ Chickens successful town, according to your evil neighbour Batamliciouz. If you person ne'er seen however 42 pcs of chickens being bbq astatine the aforesaid time, past travel here. I americium inactive amazed that with specified a wide production, the sensation and prime remained astatine a precocious level.

The chickenhearted is brushed and juicy. Main glaze is sweet. The charcoal aroma is superbly strong. Burnt crisps present and there, which I perfectly love. And their chili is truthful gooood. Not truly spicy but fragrant with beardown hints of tomatoes. Everything astir this crockery spells E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T!

Yummyliciouzzzzzz. Chickenliciouzzzzzz. Share this awesome nutrient to your friends!


Ayam = Chicken
Bakar = BBQ
Chaniago = An Indonesian Surname


– Rp 15,000 for chicken
– Rp 3,000 for rice

LOCATION📍: Ayam Bakar Chaniago
– Belakang Top 100 Bengkong persis
– Dari simpang Giant bengkong lurus
– Ambil belokan kiri pertama di simpang empat bengkong
– Nanti Top 100 ada di sebelah kanan jalan
– Kalau ga tahu Top 100 Bengkong coba nanya orang yah

HOURS⏰: 17:00 – midnight (estimate)


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