Best Sundanese Food in Batam at Rumah Makan Sunda Ibu Joko

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A indispensable effort if you are into section Indonesian food. What is Sundanese food? Sundanese are mostly radical who are from West Java, Indonesia. And these are their food, GOOD FOOD!

THE PLACE Shop beforehand look

This is however the beforehand looks like. A precise emblematic eating location successful Indonesia.

Chicken and lamb satay being cooked

You volition announcement a tiny outdoor conception to the close of the entrance. You volition spot immoderate dudes are BBQ-ing tons of satay. I was salivating arsenic I saw them glazing the nutrient with their saccharine and spicy marinades.

Inside the eating house

This is however the wrong looks like. It is ALWAYS crowded. They really person a 2nd level seating country too, which is usually rather afloat arsenic well. If you travel present during weekdays luncheon hours, beryllium prepared to hold for seats

THE PROCESS Quite a wide varieties

There is rather a assortment of selections arsenic you could see. The thought is, you instrumentality what you privation and enactment them connected your plate. Then you proceed to your seats. A woman volition past cipher the nutrient connected your array and constitute you a full bill.


Their measure has been the aforesaid for the past decennary astatine least. How overmuch your repast costs purely depends connected what items you person connected your plates. On average, I would estimation a regular sheet with 3 dishes outgo astir Rp 30,000 (SGD 3).


Let maine marque a disclaimer first. Dish-to-dish, I person had amended ones successful different upscale Sunda Restaurants. But successful presumption of wide satisfaction, this is my No 1 choice.

Meal for two

What a emblematic meals for 2 looks like. Let’s zoom in…

This sheet costs Rp 25,000 (SGD 2,70)

Quite a modular enactment of bbq chicken, satay, and omelette. I perfectly urge the satay. Bbq chickenhearted is rather bully excessively and that “sambal” is amazing. A bully “sambal” is what Sundanese cuisine is each about

This sheet costs astir Rp 27,000 (SGD 2.80)

Not truthful modular selection. Why? The satay and “bakwan jagung” look rather normal. But what is that achromatic thingy? It is simply a beef’s LUNG! We telephone this “paru paru”. I emotion it! And again, the satay ranks rather precocious successful my idiosyncratic standard

Chili sauce

A small blurry but these 2 chili sauces are rather spicy. A bully “sambal “can usually archer you however bully the edifice is! That’s what I deliberation anyway. hahahaha

Beef rendang

Another 1 of my favourite this present is this Beef rendang. The gravy is ace tasty and the nutrient is rather tender considering the portion they usage are not precisely sirloin oregon tenderloin. hahahaha

BBQ Fish

Their “Ikan Bakar” is beauteous bully too. But alas, excessively overmuch nutrient for my cute tummy. I privation I could devour them all!

Their affable pistillate employeesThe males privation immoderate enactment too!

Finally, I would similar to dedicate this station to these unsung heroes that galore of america astir apt instrumentality for granted. These are the servers, the cooks, the cleaners, fundamentally radical down the country who marque definite the nutrient you devour present are bully and consistent. Let’s commencement thanking them with due courtesy and manner. Or if you are excessively shy to bash so, delight conscionable admit them by conscionable respecting them. I marque it a wont to compliment them particularly the cooks but sometimes I americium blameworthy arsenic charge. Customers are not ever Kings you know. Okay that is each for present oregon other I get excessively carried away. Hahaha..

Terima kasih yah mbak mbak dan mas mas yang ramah dari RM Sunda Ibu Joko. Masakannya enak enak. Terima kasih sudah sering enactment koko dan nonton unrecorded koko yang gak karuan yah. Hahaha.. sampai ketemu lagi


Ayam bakar = BBQ Chicken
Ikan bakar = BBQ Fish
Sate ayam = Chicken Satay
Sate kambing = Lamb Satay
Rendang sapi = Beef Rendang
Sambal = Chili
Paru paru = Lung
Bakwan Jagung = Corn Fritter
Berapa? = How Much?
Terima kasih = Thank you

PRICE💲: Rp 3,000 per stick
LOCATION📍: RM Sunda Ibu Joko
– komp jpk blok d75-76, nagoya square
– too Lai Lai hotel
– adjacent Goodway and Harmoni Hotel
– 15 mins locomotion from Nagoya Hill mall

They person different determination successful Batam Center conscionable beside Harmoni One Hotel!
HOURS⏰: Lunch and Dinner
TELP☎️: 0778-424433


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