Bogor : Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills Resort Spa and Convention

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The archetypal Pullman Resort successful Indonesia !

Living and hustling successful Jakarta sometimes ( and often ) tin beryllium a spot overwhelming. I mean... the traffic, pollution, politics, not to notation each the unit and fast-moving enactment load. Of people we each request a 'break' oregon an flight from each of that. Whenever I request a abbreviated getaway, maine and my household utilized to spell to Bandung oregon Puncak. But we ne'er bash it anymore since the postulation is craaaaaazzzzzy. Like mates years agone erstwhile I sojourn Puncak for the weekend, I was extremity up stuck successful a car for 8 - 9 hours ! Oh my... truthful traumatic ! lol. That's wherefore Puncak is ne'er successful my enactment again. Same communicative with Bandung. 

So arsenic a Jakartan, we don't person galore options too going to Bali. Of people it volition outgo much due to the fact that of the formation summons and truthful on. BUT..... WORRY NO MORE ! Couple months ago, I was invited to this recently opened spot that is HUGE ! Location ? It's nestled successful Vimala Hills ! Vimala Hills located conscionable astatine 'Persimpangan Gadog', truthful you tin skip the Puncak's Traffic !

The archetypal clip arriving there, I was like...... wow.... nary postulation astatine each ! And 2nd wow, the edifice itself makes you consciousness similar you are successful Bali ! Oh my... this is decidedly a large enactment for america to person a getaway ! Don't skip until the extremity of the station to cognize wherefore !

Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills Resort Spa and Convention had a 10 hectares 600 meters country successful total. 
They are inactive successful development, particularly the VILLAS ! What I emotion of this Resort is they supply beauteous overmuch of everything you could inquire for ! They person Spa, Kids Playground, Gym, 2 Swimming Pools, Lounge, 2 Restaurants ( and different upcoming edifice ), besides Ballroom for events. You tin besides person an entree to galore benignant of activities successful Vimala Hills! You tin bash biking, playing ATV, Golf and truthful connected ! So.. I'm recommending you to wide retired your itinerary, and conscionable bask the spot !

Big Swimming Pool with lush greenery

I was staying astatine a Deluxe Room and it's spacious capable for me. With 42sqm successful size, balcony is besides included ! They besides person Deluxe Pool Access Room, Executive and Suite with 55sqm successful size. I emotion however good decorated the country was! With a interaction of Indonesian accent, besides a modern eclectic design. 

The amenities was besides suits the 5 stars properties. They besides supply Coffee Machine and Equil Water Bottles. The cleanliness besides cleanable and the King size furniture besides pleasurable.

Marbled Bathroom 3>

Balcony Are we successful Bali ?

No request to interest if your tummy is bare ! You tin opted for DAMAR, their All Day Dining restaurant. We had our meal there, and the nutrient was decently done ! Price-wise is not excessively precocious similar successful a 5 stars hotel, truthful it's decidedly a large option! Damar besides the meal spot, truthful we had our meal determination astatine the adjacent day. For meal options, it was assorted enough. But I personally deliberation they request much betterment successful presumption of taste.

For lunch, we sojourn their Pool Bar, PADI. So if you looking for a bites aft your swim, this is the spot for you. They service housemade Pizzas, and different occidental food. We opted for their Thai beef Salad, Burger and Pizza. All was bully and enjoyable ! 

Looking for drinks oregon coffee, you tin sojourn their lounge, SALAK. It is precise chic, and the presumption is amazing. I'm enjoying my java portion immerse successful the serene ambiance.

As I notation before, you tin besides indulge yourself successful their Spa managed by Tirta Ayu Spa. Or if you visiting with kids, your kids volition decidedly bask the playground !

Overall, I'm truly having a large clip staying astatine this Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills Resort Spa and Convention, convey you mba Rita and squad for making my enactment memorable. Will sojourn this edifice again soon ! And if you who speechmaking this hap to sojourn this beauteous resort, fto maine cognize your acquisition connected remark conception beneath ! Oh ! You tin besides cheque my Instagram for the videos of this spot !

Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills Resort Spa and Convention
Jl. Raya Puncak - Gadog,
Bogor, Jawa Barat 16770
Phone (0251) 8306888
Instagram : @Pullmanciawivimalahills


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