Model 2 IGA. However, as of January 1, 2018 Switzerland will instead be under a Model 1 IGA.

There is an agreement between Switzerland and the United States to Facilitate the Implementation of FATCA (The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and the draft federal law on the application of the said Agreement Effective date of entry into force 01.01.2018. The new FATCA agreement under model 1 provides for the automatic exchange of information and contains transitional provisions. Certain obligations contained in the agreement must, however, be specified in a new federal law, replacing the current FATCA law (SR 672.933.6)

FATCA IGA Status Signed and “In Force”
FATCA CAA with the US
Treaty Relief under US Chapter 3 Y
US Treaties and TIEAs Y
1st CRS Info Exch 2018
Important note relating to CRS Reporting Investment entities who are professionally managed and who are located in these jurisdictions are considered as Financial Institutions (not reportable).

However, investments entities who are professionally managed and are located in other jurisdictions (who are not on this list), are not considered as Financial Institutions, but as Passive NFE (Swiss FIs therefore, need to identify the controlling person(s), and if controlling person(s) are resident of a Swiss CRS partner state, Swiss FIs have to report them i.e. to exchange information about the individual or entity with the Swiss CRS partner state).

OECD AEoI MCAA Protocol/Amended Convention Signed
CRS Primary Legislation http://www.oecd.org/tax/automatic-exchange/crs-implementation-and-assistance/crs-by-jurisdiction/legislation/Switzerland-PrimaryLegislation.pdf
CRS Secondary Legislation Link

Explanation: https://www.sif.admin.ch/sif/fr/home/themen/internationale-steuerpolitik/automatischer-informationsaustausch/publikationen.html

CRS Guidance  https://www.estv.admin.ch/estv/fr/home/internationales-steuerrecht/fachinformationen/aia/publikationen/wegleitung.html
CRS Excluded Financial Accounts  Point 3.12 of the documentation above named “Directive”. This document is not in English because official languages of Switzerland are German, French and Italian. Financial institutions can choose not review account less than $250,000.- (Art. 9 SIMPLIFICATION CONCERNING THE PERFORMANCE OF REASONABLE DECLARATION AND REASONABLE DUTIES of the Federal Act on the Automatic International Exchange of Tax Information LEAR)
CRS Schema  https://www.efd.admin.ch/efd/en/home/themen/wirtschaft–waehrung–finanzplatz/finanzmarktpolitik/automatic-exchange-of-information–aeoi-/fb-AIA.html
CRS Approach Optional
ISO 3166 (2 digit alpha) CH
ISO3166 (3 digit numeric)
Region EMEA
Sub Region Western Europe
Fiscal Year Calendar Year
ISO 4217 Currency Code CHE
About Switzerland

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CRS Reporting (of the previous year) commences with the following jurisdictions:

Aland Islands 2018
Albania 2018
Andorra 2018
Anguilla 2017
Antigua and Barbuda 2018
Argentina 2018
Aruba 2018
Australia 2017
Austria 2018
Bahamas 2018
Bahrain 2018
Barbados 2018
Belgium 2017
Belize 2018
Bermuda 2018
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba 2017
Brazil 2018
Brunei Darussalam 2018
Bulgaria 2017
Canada 2017
Cayman Islands 2018
Chile 2018
China 2018
Colombia 2018
Cook Islands 2018
Costa Rica 2018
Croatia 2017
Curacao 2018
Cyprus 2017
Czech Republic 2017
Denmark 2017
Dominica 2018
Estonia 2017
Faroe Islands 2017
Finland 2017
France 2018
French Guiana 2017
Germany 2017
Ghana 2018
Gibraltar 2017
Greece 2017
Greenland 2018
Grenada 2018
Guadeloupe 2017
Guernsey 2017
Hong Kong 2018
Hungary 2017
Iceland 2017
India 2018
Indonesia 2018
Ireland 2017
Isle of Man 2017
Israel 2018
Italy 2017
Japan 2017
Jersey 2017
Korea, Republic of 2017
Kuwait 2018
Latvia 2017
Lebanon 2018
Liechtenstein 2018
Lithuania 2017
Luxembourg 2017
Macao 2018
Malaysia 2018
Malta 2017
Marshall Islands 2018
Martinique 2017
Mauritius 2018
Mayotte 2017
Mexico 2018
Monaco 2018
Montserrat 2018
Nauru 2018
Netherlands 2017
New Zealand 2018
Niue 2017
Norway 2017
Panama 2018
Poland 2017
Portugal 2017
Qatar 2018
Reunion 2017
Romania 2017
Russian Federation 2018
Saint Kitts and Nevis 2018
Saint Lucia 2018
Saint Martin (French part) 2017
Saint Vincent and The Grenadines 2018
Samoa 2018
San Marino 2018
Saudi Arabia 2018
Seychelles 2018
Singapore 2018
Sint Maarten (Dutch part) 2018
Slovakia 2017
Slovenia 2017
South Africa 2018
Spain 2017
Sweden 2017
Trinidad and Tobago 2017
Turkey 2018
Turks and Caicos Islands 2018
United Arab Emirates 2018
United Kingdom 2017
Uruguay 2018
Vanuatu 2018
Virgin Islands (British) 2018