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It's been a while, I yet made it to update this blog again. Also beside sharing recipes, it's a resto review. I've been precise engaged lately, good really for the past fewer months (read: astir a year). Allow maine to share, truthful for the past fewer months we, maine and my partner, we got tons of task that we consciousness blessed. There are inactive galore waiting to beryllium finished. We made video contented for societal media, mostly cooking video. Not an casual thing, we're inactive learning anyhow but hey I deliberation we truly tin marque it amended time by day. As it's getting organized, I anticipation I tin person much clip to constitute here, besides to marque my ain contented particularly for my Youtube channel. This twelvemonth is gonna beryllium fabulous.

Byron Selective. This place, located successful Progo, adjacent to immoderate different cafes and restos. Precisely, it's beside the celebrated Jonas Photo Studio, and there's a transportation doorway successful between. I deliberation I saw immoderate pictures connected Instagram astir this spot then 

Truffle Fries

So, the uppermost to bid similar successful immoderate cafe is Truffle Fries (IDR 35.000). It's served successful a bowl, information size conscionable right, the fries coated successful benignant of Cajun seasoning, with a tiny hint of heat. For maine personally, the aroma of truffle lipid was conscionable truthful addictive. Next, Truffle Cream Wild Mushroom (IDR 55.000) served with a portion of ail toast, Fettucini successful creamy sauce, parmesan, chaotic mushroom, horenso, topped with ail chips. I find it somewhat under-seasoned, not much, a tiny pinch of brackish should beryllium conscionable enough. It's a bully crockery anyway, to beryllium compared with the Chicken Pesto Pamrigiano (IDR 58.000) I similar the fettucini, acknowledgment to the fragrant truffle oil.

I went present with my parents, surely they similar to person atom dishes, emblematic Asian palate? Honestly, it's getting easier these time arsenic they question erstwhile a portion truthful they get utilized to with occidental cuisine. Good thing, Byron Selective besides offers plentifulness of Asian inspired dishes packed successful specified an charismatic way, conscionable similar this 1 we ordered, Beef Yakiniku (IDR 75.000) served with mixed veggies, sunny broadside up, and tons of murphy chips. 

Hands up if you're into waffles different than pancakes, some are bully but waffles... it's conscionable ever good, saccharine oregon savory. Hungry Chicken Waffle (IDR 65.000) served with sunny broadside up, grilled watermelon, and mushroom sauce. I didn't expect to find this benignant of crockery here, I mean it's communal for places successful Jakarta but not successful Bandung, but truly it's a bully thing. The waffle was light, crispy connected the edges, moist and brushed inside, savory crispy chickenhearted with saccharine maple syrup. Fried Chicken Waffle is emblematic American crockery that suits maine well, it's astir apt weird for immoderate of america arsenic waffle usually serves successful a saccharine way.

Moreover, they besides person enticing cakes to effort specified arsenic Putu Pisang Cake, Es Campur Cake, and Kastengel Cake. Beers are disposable and they besides person High Tea from 2 to 5 pm.

We managed to bid the Kolak Pisang Waffle to stock which sounds delicious, but truly I could not instrumentality anymore, possibly adjacent time, yes I'd emotion to revisit Byron Selective.

Thai Iced Tea and Fresh Orange Juice

The Menu

Byron Selective
Jalan Progo no. 2
Bandung - Indonesia

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun
7.00 - 22.00

Phone: +62 (022) 20544560

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