Delicious Pairing by Chef Renatta Moeloek, Gioi Jakarta

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Delicious Pairing by Chef Renatta Moeloek, Gioi Jakarta

Already acquainted with this name, Renatta Moeloek. A famous chef successful Indonesia became 1 of the judges of the viral cooking competition, Masterchef Indonesia. This clip unneurotic with Gioi, cook Renatta collaborated with the taxable "Delicious Pairing with Chef Renatta Moeloek" arsenic well as Hennessy, who is surely acquainted with this whisky specialized.

Located astatine Gioi Senopati wherever guests volition beryllium offered a set menu oregon a la carte. Each crockery present includes 3 types of cocktails with a basal of whiskey from Hennessy. There are respective choices of cocktails from creaseless to strong intoxicant levels. Served successful a mini changeable solid truthful it looks charismatic and exquisite.

This collaboration consists of 1 benignant of appetizer, Crispy Pork Belly Bao (3 pcs) this Asian-style crockery contains crispy pork slices, in a brushed bun, with a operation of pickles, hoisin sauce, and sesame. The texture of the bun is ok, tender, the crispy pork gives restitution successful each bite. Then the operation of savory and caller pickles and sauces provides the right harmony of flavors.

Followed by 3 types of main courses, but I lone tried 2 dishes, namely, Glazed Duck Breast with Wedang Uwuh Jam. A duck crockery made with chef Renatta's wedang uwuh jam, arsenic acold arsenic I know, this wedang uwuh is prepared from assorted spices and is archetypal from Central Java. Then greenish vegetables supply a equilibrium of taste. The duck is rather tender, but unfortunately, the smell of the duck is inactive excessively beardown and the tegument is simply a spot pugnacious truthful it is not pleasant to enjoy.

The adjacent dish, Grilled Jimbaran Tiger Prawn. Seafood dishes have ever been my favorite. Tiger prawn with a size that is rather large and tempting, served with reddish sauce, caller pickles connected the top, and delicious plecing kangkung. This crockery is truly delicious with a distinctive Indonesian taste that suits section sensation buds. Grilled prawn can't beryllium denied, it has a smoky aroma with a brushed texture and it is tasty.

Dessert crockery with Sticky Black Rice Pudding, achromatic sticky rice with dates butterscotch condiment with a distinctive aroma and a legit sweet taste, cleanable to beryllium enjoyed with the cocktail. As I said before, each crockery is served with a cocktail disposable successful this collaboration menu. Guests tin enjoy cocktails specified arsenic Eau de Vie, a substance of Hennessy V.S.O.P, jasmine, and Angostura orange. Or if you similar thing strong, you tin sensation Hennessy on ice.

This collaboration is precise memorable, this is not my first experience tasting cook Renatta's signature dishes, it's ever fun. The combination of emblematic Indonesian flavors that are processed with modern techniques, arsenic good arsenic a slick presentation. Each constituent utilized produces a harmonious sensation that fits and is mutually sustainable but not excessive. I certainly look guardant to cook Renatta's adjacent collaboration with other restaurants. Hopefully yes.

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