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Necklace: Dorsey Kate // Bracelet: Dorsey Kate // Set: Leo Lin (also emotion the formal mentation here)


Dorsey is simply a direct-to-consumer jewelry marque based successful Los Angeles, California. Launched successful 2019, Dorsey is simply a female-founded marque created by Meg Strachan, who named the marque aft her grandmother. The marque creates beauteous practice inspired jewelry utilizing lab-grown gemstones that are the cleanable mundane pieces.

I archetypal purchased the Kate Necklace but rapidly snapped up the matching bracelet. I person been mixing and matching with good and costume jewelry. I find the pieces spell truthful good with immoderate of my favourite brands similar Pacharee, Brinker and Eliza, and adjacent Tuckernuck.


I’m presently obsessed with 2 azygous strand diamond products from Dorsey – a sterling metallic bracelet and collar necklace – some featuring circular chopped achromatic sapphire stones. They look beauteous worn unneurotic oregon separately arsenic connection pieces.

The Kate Riviere Bracelet

This azygous strand diamond bracelet features circular chopped lab-grown achromatic sapphire stones acceptable successful sterling silver. This bracelet is disposable successful 5 lengths and 2 chromatic sizes, the 3.75mm shown above, and a recently released 3mm version that you tin spot here. These aforesaid 2 sizes of the Kate Riviere Bracelet are besides disposable successful golden versions. And, if you similar a princess cut implicit a round cut, Dorsey makes those arsenic options arsenic well!

The Kate Riviere Necklace

The necklace I emotion matches the bracelet, I conscionable went with the larger 4.5mm mentation chromatic size. Don’t worry, it is besides disposable successful the 3.75mm size, arsenic good arsenic successful gold. The larger chromatic version that I emotion is disposable successful a 15″ inch concatenation that is meant to beryllium conscionable supra the collar bone, portion the smaller chromatic mentation is disposable successful 5 antithetic lengths ranging from 15″ to 20″.

I look guardant to adding much to my collection, but the Kate is the cleanable spot to commencement exploring the brand. This necklace is adjacent connected my list, but they person besides been releasing truthful galore caller styles I americium keeping my eyes peeled.


There is nary close oregon incorrect mode to benignant jewelry but I person been precise into stacking my Dorsey pieces with tons of different jewels lately.

When it comes to the Kate necklace I emotion wearing it with this missive necklace, this pendant I adore and this pearl necklace. When I americium feeling a spot much whimsical, I person been pairing it with this floral necklace that is conscionable the close magnitude of color! When I americium layering tons of necklace pieces I emotion the elemental look of an unfastened apical similar this one worn with an casual brace of denim and metropolis sandals.

The Kate bracelet I person been wearing with my Longines watches (my mundane ticker that is cleanable for conscionable astir anything) and a elemental BaubleBar golden concatenation cuff bracelet they nary longer make. I person been eyeing these bracelets, but for the terms I privation to marque definite I would deterioration often and person been connected the obstruction astir it for immoderate time. Since I settled connected the Kate successful metallic I would similar to adhd a Dorsey bracelet successful golden to my postulation truthful I tin premix and lucifer metals!

Like maine I americium definite you person seen truthful galore different influencers I travel and spot raving astir the marque and they weren’t wrong! Dorsey is specified a chic summation to my jewelry container – I conscionable privation I had discovered them sooner!