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Seriously, I miss going retired and bash reviews, and that's precisely what I did contiguous with my sister who slept implicit past night, FYI my sister is joined and we enactment unneurotic successful our business, truthful everytime we person projects to sermon (and erstwhile determination are many) she and her kid usually sleepover astatine my location (btw my nephew is the astir adorable kid but I don't stock overmuch details astir him) and I person to convey my bro-in-law for allowing her to enactment astatine slightest erstwhile each week HAHA, I was craving for immoderate bully burger truthful earlier I drove her disconnected backmost to her location we decided to drawback a speedy lunch.

I don't person a batch of favourite burger places, they're ever repeats: erstwhile I consciousness similar having filthy, messy, implicit the apical juicy burgers past I'll spell to Lawless, but erstwhile I'm craving for bully sourdough sandwiches and gourmet burgers that's finer and much reserved past I'll caput implicit to Farm Girl, this burger associated is considered caller yet been astir for a while, I was amazed that not a batch of radical knew astir this erstwhile I posted it connected my Instagram story, they're precise underrated hence this blog station for much radical to admit this beauty.

Farm Girl has 2 outlets successful Jakarta: main 1 successful Menteng and the different 1 successful Wijaya, but I usually spell to the 1 successful Menteng due to the fact that it's person to home, and I emotion to spot this discreet tiny bluish gathering their outlet it is (their Wijaya subdivision is much similar a booth FYI). Besides serving burgers and sandwiches, you tin see them a bakehouse for they besides cook bully looking saccharine goods specified arsenic cinnamon roll, cookies, bagels and bread. I didn't instrumentality immoderate photograph of the interior arsenic during the pandemic guests are not allowed to dine inside, and to beryllium frank the wrong was not the astir charismatic earlier arsenic it's a spot messy with chairs connected tables and packagings, but what I tin archer you is that the unfastened room is going to beryllium close earlier your eyes arsenic soon arsenic you stepped inside, truthful you tin besides expect tempting aroma of burgers and sandwiches being cooked too! 4 sets of chairs and tables are located extracurricular if guests privation to dine connected the spot.

They person rather a scope of menus and their main savories are the burgers and sandwiches. I stake if you're a archetypal timer you'll walk a small much clip deciding due to the fact that everything looked truthful bully connected the menu, it's similar erstwhile you're astir to spell for their TCS, past their American Burger sounds bully too, oregon their pesto sandwiches and this and that but you don't person limitless pit to person everything #firstworldproblems! I ever spell for 2 of my favorites here: the TCS and Patty Melt (sourdough sandwich).

TCS - IDR 100k

Up until now, I legit person nary thought what TCS stands for, but they besides person different paper called TCSB (and this 1 has pork bacon), but anyhow this is 1 of their staple menus and it's NON HALAL due to the fact that they usage pork patty present (but I deliberation you tin petition for beef patty). TCS dwell of omega 3 eggs, pork patty, cheddar, chipotle mayo, each wrapped with the fluffiest astir astonishing brioche buns that I've had connected immoderate burger successful Jakarta and paired with murphy chips for a spot of crunch, everything astir TCS is axenic emotion but I didn't expect the bun to beryllium that brushed and gorgeous! They're precise generous with the scrambled eggs and it's besides astonishing due to the fact that spirit and texture wise, it's brushed and creamy, but truthful caller WITHOUT immoderate smell. The pork patty is besides freaking amazing, it's juicy & perfectly seasoned, sadly I can't amusement it to you due to the fact that it's wholly wrapped successful the scrambled ovum and erstwhile I tried to excavation it looked kinda disgusting truthful I take not to amusement it here, but you cognize however a patty looks similar right??? As for the chipotle mayo I deliberation it's complimenting, lone that it's sheer.

Patty Melt - IDR 120k
Don't inquire maine to take due to the fact that I emotion some TCS and Patty Melt, and they're wholly different! Patty Melt is simply a precise American sandwich for me, it's astir indulge, indulge, indulge: seared each beef patty topped with premix of mozarella & reddish cheddar food and caramelized bulb each wrapped successful toasted sourdough! They're ace generous with the cheese, but someway I didn't consciousness similar it was excessively overmuch oregon overpowering and I don't cognize what benignant they're utilizing but you cognize 1 of those lawsuit wherever food tin interfere with the aroma and this 1 doesn't! The beef patty is besides good seasoned and juicy and of people the sourdough is not a disappointment. Nice texture, delightful crisp!

Damn Farm Girl is truly not playing with their quality, 2nd clip and ne'er disappointed. PS: THE BURGERS AND SANDWICHES MIGHT LOOK SMALL ON THE PIC but they were really beauteous generous, I kinda gave up connected the TCS aft finishing 3/4 of the full happening due to the fact that the scrambled ovum was truthful overmuch and it's fulfilling.

For the portion I opted the Iced Chocolate with Minor Figures oatmilk sub, it was good bully but not retired of the satellite good, but earnestly aft indulging their urgers

Farm Girl is decidedly 1 of the champion bakehouse and burger spots successful Jakarta, I'll decidedly travel backmost implicit and implicit and implicit again!

Farm Girl

Jalan Riau No. 4

Gondangdia, Menteng

Jakarta Pusat 10350


Opening hours: 8 AM-5 PM (closed astatine 3:30 PM connected Mondays)

Average spending for two: IDR 200k

Dresscode: none