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Oh hi, anybody present successful this dying blog? I haven't blogged successful truthful agelong and honestly I kinda miss penning agelong ass reviews, anyhow earlier I commencement the constituent of this station (which is the review), if you attraction fto maine archer you thing astir my beingness the past mates of months and precise recently, it's nary concealed that we are each successful this shitty Corona concern and it has been truly hard for immoderate people, I americium astatine the constituent of my beingness wherever I halt saying "if 1 time this is each over", and accommodate myself to the "new normal", truly I hatred saying that but it's happening, whether we similar it oregon not, the archetypal period of quarantine astir got maine insane, I had slumber deprivation, I was perpetually not successful the champion of intelligence authorities but with the caller mindset I americium dilatory fortify the grip of my life, I won't fto my caput power maine and agelong communicative abbreviated I americium present doing better.

My days person been engaged again, astatine archetypal I distracted myself with the regular cooking videos situation that I made during Ramadhan and it worked to support myself busy, pre-corona I was engaged astir mundane and I hardly got successful interaction with myself oregon processed my emotion, truthful erstwhile the archetypal weeks of quarantine each you had to bash was thing and you had you for yourself, I realized however my engaged docket was specified a distraction, accelerated guardant contiguous I person been engaged and moving mostly from home. 

Anyway tin I accidental I americium amazed to find retired that the postulation of this blog is WAAAY supra what I expected, it's inactive gaining 4000k regular visitors, good acold outcry from the regular 30k I was utilized to, not definite wherever the postulation is from but for the small ones who revisits this blog, HELLO! It's so hard to support immoderate platforms altogether, particularly since I person nary squad and does everything by myself, there's ever 1 that's going to basal retired more, let's accidental my Instagram is doing amazing, but the blog is not truly doing well, I americium not going to lie, sometimes I americium conscionable axenic bushed and lazy, but to my defense, beingness has been truthful antithetic years agone compared to now, I americium not going to committedness you anything, I volition update this blog erstwhile I person the accidental but I volition enactment connected the effort.

K, ENUFF WITH THE LIFE UPDATE AND LET'S GET INTO THE REVIEW! 2020 and the brownish sweetener beverage portion inclination doesn't look to dilatory down, much and much overseas brands are opening and 1 of the highly anticipated has got to beryllium Fire Tiger, Thailand's fig 1 bubble beverage marque arsenic this introduction is being typed! I was ace impressed the archetypal clip I had it past year, it was 1 of the champion yet the astir costly cupful to day (it's astir 80k/cup converted to Indo currency).

Can't service you reports from their outlet due to the fact that I haven't been to GI for 3 months (and yes Grand Indonesia is the location to their archetypal outlet) but from what I saw connected their Instagram, the plan of the outlet seemed chic and poppin', on with their signature golden colour and roaming tiger caput arsenic the pickup point.

I was honestly a spot interest astir the pricing, I anticipation it wouldn't beryllium Thai costly AND SO GLAD IT DIDN'T! I recovered retired astir the pricing from the online transportation app (Gojek/Grab) and adjacent though it's inactive considered precocious for Jakarta standard, but it's mode beneath the Thai pricing, the drinks scope astir IDR 50k terms point. Since they're opening during the quarantine days they besides person DIY menus that I'm going to speech astir arsenic you scroll this entry.

There are astir 5 menus that I tried: Fire Tiger Milk, Fire Tiger Milk Tea, The Crown, The Majesty and Snow Tiger. Snow Tiger is their newest menu! In presumption of look, since the drinks were ordered done online app, it won't look arsenic beauteous arsenic the 1 freshly made, determination was nary sweetener swirls, but what tin we do..

Fire Tiger Milk & Fire Tiger Milk Tea - IDR 52,5k

the beverage beverage is the much brownish looking one

In presumption of flavor, I deliberation the 1 that I had successful Bangkok is beauteous overmuch the same: their brownish sweetener benignant is simply a tad antithetic that the communal brownish sweetener spirit (I recognize astir has this benignant that's similar): it's precise fragrant, bold but not overpowering & had this caramel/toffee hint to it, but definite drinks has antithetic adjustments and toppings!

Overall their Fire Tiger beverage portion is creamy with generous brownish sweetener syrup, tasty creme brulee (and lad I freaking emotion however their creme brulee is not the overly milky kind), brownish sweetener pearls and caller beverage (and beverage beverage for the Fire Tiger Milk Tea)

The Crown

I similar THE CROWN MILK TEA, this 1 has a beauteous earl grey enactment to the drink, decently creamy with brownish sweetener pearls, caramel jelly past topped with crispy chocolaty caramel sweetener bits for texture (it's bitter but aromatic and meant to beryllium mixed unneurotic with the drink). PS: you tin easy archer which portion is which from the cup, arsenic you tin spot supra it has THE CROWN printed connected the cups.

Snow Tiger

Snow Tiger is Fire Tiger's latest release, it's the operation of their champion sellers: Fire Tiger Milk & Milk Tea, the little furniture is the beverage tea, past topped with caller beverage with brownish sweetener condiment drizzle, this portion has this semi frozen/blended consistency, is it my favorite? Not really, I honestly don't find this thing peculiar and sensation omniscient precise akin to their Fire Tiger Milk but blended version, the main quality that I recovered was the topping, it has this crispy caramel sweetener bits that's utilized successful The Crown.

As for THE MAJESTY, I didn't effort it but my sis did, it's a cereal beverage portion benignant and I cognize close distant I won't similar it due to the fact that I person ne'er been a instrumentality of cereal beverage drink.


Fire Tiger Indonesia is presently launching the DIY drinks for those who consciousness a spot much adventurous but LIMITED to their Fire Tiger Milk & Fire Tiger Milk Tea only, I honestly similar the acceptable to portion mentation to the DIY for the examination I experienced myself, someway the acceptable to portion mentation was tastier and arsenic overmuch arsenic I privation to judge that everything's arsenic measured for the DIY version, but it inactive tasted different, I announcement they're besides giving crystal cubes but unluckily fractional of it melted arsenic it reached location (and I utilized my ain for this pic), good astatine the extremity of the day, if you're truly interest astir the champion authorities of flavor, the freshly made 1 should beryllium the champion (and I mean dine in), to spell oregon not to spell to the promenade is your call.

Overall, I would springiness Fire Tiger an 8/10, adjacent though I inactive similar the 1 successful Bangkok better, and I judge it's ever the contented with overseas franchises that are here: MILK, I person nary thought what beverage they're utilizing successful Bangkok and what they're utilizing here, but I person a bully feeling they're different, but wide inactive an 8 due to the fact that I enjoyed the drinks, they inactive person the archetypal spirit quality that I vividly remember.

The souvenirs are KYUT! Even though it has the branding connected it, it's the benignant that I don't caput using.

Fire Tiger

Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall level 3A

Jl. M.H Thamrin No. 1 - Jakpus 10350

Opening hours: 10 AM-8 PM

Average spending for two: IDR 100k

Dresscode: none