Fume Kartanegara, Jakarta

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Fume Kartanegara, Jakarta

Wow, it's been a agelong clip since I've written an nonfiction on the blog due to the fact that the enactment of visiting restaurants is precise reduced during this pandemic. Most of my nutrient is delivered oregon astir each time I navigator it myself. This clip I visited a edifice that had lone precocious been operating. It should beryllium noted that Fume antecedently had 2 java store branches successful the South Jakarta area.

Meanwhile, Fume Kartanegara has a antithetic concept, more like due dining, and determination is besides a bar. On weekends, it is quite crowded with visitors, they person an country with rather a batch of seating capacity from indoor to outdoor. Inside the restaurant, determination is simply a calm atmosphere, dim lighting with a play of colors specified arsenic pink, violet, purple and blue. The ceiling is simply a unsocial country with an interior resembling a hall. The barroom country also looks stunning with works ornaments, the colour turquoise is 1 of my favorite colors.

The paper is simply a assortment of modern Asian Western dishes, with quite a batch of variants from the meal croissant menu, the main people of grilled chicken oregon salmon to crystal pick and dessert. This clip I tried Salmon Sayur Asem, a paper that is rather unique. Tender pieces of salmon with the cleanable cook, juicy and tender. Served with murphy cubes, agelong beans, babe corn, and chayote. Then doused with a reasonably heavy condiment with a sour sensation that resembles Sayur Asem. This crockery is rather enjoyable, with the combination of perfectly cooked salmon, vegetables, and a savory and sour condiment conscionable right. It's conscionable that for the main crockery the terms is Rp. 165,000++ and it looks similar there are lone 2 potatoes with a tiny size. For ladies, it mightiness beryllium ok, but for me, it's not truthful generous.

Then I continued consecutive to the dessert dish, Kerinci Coffee & Brown Creme Brulee. The paper is rather absorbing excessively erstwhile I look at it. Serving creme brulee with a rectangular shape, brushed texture, and an ok moist. Sweet sensation that fits the emblematic creme brulee. Served with chocolate crystal pick which is besides my favourite flavor, and berry condiment and some cranberries. The terms of IDR 80,000 is mostly rather precocious for a dessert for the Jakarta community. But with the serving size, I inactive urge you guys to effort it.

For drinks, of course, they service a assortment of java arsenic the main drink. I myself americium not a java drinker but my person said that java with a precocious acerb level truthful that the aft sensation is excessive. But we cognize that for coffee, it volition beryllium connected your idiosyncratic preferences, whether you are a fruity coffee person oregon a bold and bitter one. To bent retired present is rather a recommendation, a quiescent day oregon evening with dilatory euphony accompaniment also provides a comfy atmosphere. For the wide price, the paper is quite high, astir resembling a high-end Western restaurant. Service is rather ok, fast serving time.

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