102100 – Reportable Information: Reporting Financial Institution

The reporting financial institution must report its name and identifying number. This is to enable the jurisdiction receiving the information to identify easily the source of it if they have any follow-up questions in respect of the data reported.

All UK financial institutions that are in scope for FATCA are required to register with the US Internal Revenue Service and obtain a Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN). The GIIN will be required as an identifying number for FATCA reporting. Where a financial institution is reporting under any of the other automatic exchange of information agreements, it must either report a GIIN or confirm it does not hold one.

Also, the financial institution will need to report a UK identifying number. This will take the form of either the unique taxpayer reference number (UTR) issued by HMRC to persons making annual tax returns. If the Financial Institution has not been issued with a UTR, then it may report another identifier issued for regulatory purposes such as a company registration number or confirm that no unique identifier is held.