103080 -Due Diligence: Pre-Existing Individual Accounts: High Value Accounts: Effect of Finding Indicia

Where the enhanced due diligence procedures for high-value individual accounts have been carried out and any of the indicators (listed at AEIM102780) are found, the account must be treated as a Reportable Account. The account will be a Reportable Account for each Reportable Jurisdiction identified from the due diligence procedure. 

Where the information arising from the due diligence procedures contains potentially conflicting information, for example, the electronic search identifies a residential address in Italy but the relationship manager has knowledge of an address France, the financial institution may attempt to cure the information by seeking a self-certification from the Account Holder.

If no indicators of residence in a Reportable Jurisdiction are found in any of the enhanced due diligence procedures, then no further action is required unless and until there is a change in circumstances.