04.04 – Non-IRS forms for individuals

Financial Institutions can use their own form instead of an official IRS form only where the replacement form contains all of the following information:

  • The name and permanent residence address of the individual
  • All countries that the individual is resident in for tax purposes.
  • Tax identification number(s), where issued, for each country listed. Where a country does not issue a tax identification number, a ‘functional equivalent’ may be used. For an individual, this would include, for example, a social security or national insurance number, a citizen or personal identification number or a resident registration number. For an entity, it would include a business or company registration number or another similar form of identification.

The form must be dated and signed and should be accompanied by appropriate documentary evidence that supports the individual’s status. (See Section 4.2)

The form can also request other information required either for other purposes, such as AML due diligence. Forms may be in either paper or electronic format.

A Financial Institution can use its own forms to cure any US indicia found in order to determine the account holder’s status. (See Sections 5.6 to 5.11)