05.17 – Effects of Finding US Indicia

Where one or more indicia are discovered through the enhanced review procedures, and none of the cures or repairs can be applied, the Financial Institution must treat the account as a US Reportable Account for the current and all subsequent years.

Where no indicia are discovered in the electronic search, the paper record search or by making enquiries of the Relationship Manager, no further action is required unless there is a subsequent change in circumstances.

If there is a change in circumstances that results in one or more of the indicia listed in this section being associated with the account and none of the cures or repairs can be applied, it must be treated as a US Reportable Account for the year of change and all subsequent years. This applies for all accounts except Depository Accounts (See Section 5.3), unless the account holder ceases to be a Specified US Person.

Where a Financial Institution has started its review, indicia are found and attempts made to verify or cure those indicia by contacting the account holder, but the account holder does not respond, the account should be treated as reportable 90 days after initiating contact. The 90-day limit is to allow the account holder sufficient time to respond to requests for information.