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Hello foodies! If you happened to see my Instagram earlier last week, I attended the grand opening of the newest and probably the hippest café in town, yeah HARIO Cafe! Have you heard about HARIO before? They’re well-known worldwide and have a lot of coffee shop around the world, actually you can find the coffee shop in Serpong area, but for the café concept they only have 2 in the world, the first one in Tokyo and now in Jakarta! Thanks God we’re the lucky one! So here’s my experience at Hario Café.

So I attend their Grand Opening event last week, it’s very packed last week, a lot of media, coffee enthusiast and of course my fellow foodies that got a chance to preview it before it officially opened for public, I would say they have a really great ambiance and spacious dining spot for a Northern cafe. So Hario Cafe is located at Pluit Karang Raya, if you seen Pluit Village Mall, just drive along and you'll see this Japanese style cafe, seriously I love their design.

When you enter this cafe you'll see a experience bar where you can sit and meet their world-champion barista to explore more about coffee, from the beans, methods until the equipment they used, because Hario Cafe offers you a whole new experience of having coffee. Well, you can enjoy many manual brewing methods such as V60, syphon, french press and more will explain at coffee section. This Experience Bar also a mandatory photo on Instagaram *wink* 

Next part of this cafe is their main bar, where you can find the espresso machine, manual brewer spots, tea bar (they take tea seriously as their did to the coffee) , fresh bakes of the day and also a soft serve cream machine which also the highlights of this cafe. Going back to the corner you can their main kitchen where they serve a proper meal for brunch, lunch or even dinner! They also have small backyard which decorated in Japanese style, much love.

Well, as I come here for their Grand Opening, I don't think I can give a comment about their services, but since it's very packed my order still covered, I think their doing well, but for sure I'll come again and really know how's the services. Well let's go to see what they have!


The first thing I want to review is their coffee. They have 3 kinds of beans: Bali, Aceh Gayo and Ethiopia, it's quite interesting, because 2 out of 3 beans they used is local Indonesian's coffee #PROUD , basically these 3 beans have their own characteristic but they have so much in common, fruity. While Bali usually comes with a hint of citrus, Aceh Gayo and Ethiopia more like berries. You can choose espresso based of manual brew. For Espresso based you can have espresso itself, americano, cappuccino, cafe latte, caramel latte, cafe mocha and salted caramel blended with price range from IDR 24K - 48K quite reasonable for a good quality of coffee. 

I tried their Cafe Latte (IDR 34K) and I should say they're really good, I can taste a perfect amount of acidity and creaminess that blended really well, the coffee was dense and it's enough to wake me up. For the Manual Brew I think V60, Syphon and French Press already been common, but how about Automatic Manual Brew?? Sounds weird? It's not a typo and you read it correctly! Only in Hario Cafe you can find this awesome coffee maker! 

Basically, this is a V60 method in automatic way, so you don't need to wait and pour over your hot water, one thing you need is compose your own recipe by apps on the phone and let the machine do the rest, so you can enjoy a perfect V60 every single time, you can also using other formula, like the one I tasted is a recipe by Testu Kasuya! A 2016 World Brewers Cup Champion! Crazy right? you can enjoy a cup of world brews coffee every single day. Magisto! 

I think it's enough for the coffee, rather than just read my experience, why don't you come here and get yours?


>> Maple French Toast

Breakfast and brunch menu sounds perfect for this kind of cafe, let's start with Maple French Toast! Yes I'm a big fan of Maple French Toast and in Hario Cafe, they served with Caramelized Banana, crunch almond, butterscotch, strawberry, soft ice cream. Usually the ice cream will served on top but due to the photo session it served by side, I don't mind it. This is a top-notch presentation, looks so so beautiful and mouth-watering, the toast was soft and very buttery then meets with sweetness of caramelized banana and the texture of crumble gives a harmony to the butterscotch, UH MAZNG ! Seriously it's a must order! Don't count the calories, count the happiness.

>> Caesar Salad

Another classic dishes that served well at Hario Cafe is Caesar Salad! Romaine lettuce, soft boiled eggs, roasted chicken, crispy bacon, crouton, Caesar dressing, that's it, simply delicious. The caesar dressing is kinda different to usual Caesar salad, because the character is sweeter when usually the sourness was dominating, but I think that's a good thing, I love their version of Caesar dressing. Served with chicken, crispy bacon and crouton also soft boiled eggs make this salad is very fulfilling.


>> Beef Yakiniku Bao

This is unique! This cafe taste so Asian when they served Bao as one of their menu! Beef Yakiniku Bao contains of marinated beef Yakiniku, spring onion and green lettuce, the bao was so soft and the beef yakiniku was so tender yet the yakiniku has absorbed well and served with fresh spring onion and lettuce for the cruncy texture, simply lovely dish!

>> Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Burger

BURGERS!! Who like Burger? you can find a really great Burger here! Not just an usual beef patty burger here you can buttermilk chicken burger with coleslaw, smoked cheese, nori, sunny side, fries! For the bun their using Brioche bun which is so buttery and soft, seriously this is good! The chips also addicting! a little tips for me, no need to cut this burger, just simply grab with your hand and bite it! Let the yolk melt in your mouth! Mouthgasm.


>> Hario’s Fried Rice

As their opened in Indonesia, they also add Fried Rice into their line-ups, of course a Hario's version of Fried Rice, it looks like a rice bowl. This Fried rice topped with chicken pop, pickled vegetable, crackers and tamago. The fried rice taste simply good, not too strong in flavor so when it's combined with their chicken pop and tamago it tasted much better! When fried rice usually served with kerupuk or emping, they have their own cracker, it taste like rice crackers, it's not my everyday fried rice but if you want to experience a new way to enjoy fried rice, Hario Cafe's fried rice is totally worth try for.

>> Garlic Chicken Bowl

Another mouth-watering dishes is their Garlic Chicken Bowl! So it's a garlic butter rice served with glazed garlic chicken and pico de gayo which more well-known as tomato salsa, it's like a fusion of Japanese and Mexican dish, love the aroma!

>> Yakiniku Glazed Sirloin Steak
IDR 168K

This big cafe won't complete without a steak! You can find a great steak here, seriously this is good! Yakiniku Glazed Sirloin Steak, the beef quality was top, it's melted in your mouth and again the characteristic of the sauce is sweet, but for me the sauce is sweet in a good way, because the salad served is slightly sour, so it's match! Served with shimeji, caramelized carrot and potato chips. If you come here with empty tummy,  I think this steak is a good choice! I always love sirloin because they have a perfect amount of fat and that's what make the taste special.


>> Yuzu Cremeux

To finish your culinary journey at Hario Cafe, just don't forget to order with Yuzu cremeux, vanilla pannacotta, chocolate microsponge, with crumble. Probably the best dessert in 2018 so far! the Vanilla pannacotta is dense and the level of sweetness if great, that yuzu cremeux has just changed everything, when you it together this yuzu enhanced the flavor of the vanilla pannacotta, and again the presentation was outstanding. If you happened to be in Hario Cafe, just don't forget to order this one.

>> Soft Serve

Last but not least, their signature soft serve ice cream! that day I tried Salted Caramel Soft Served and it's so damn good! the texture was perfect, the taste was incredible and absolutely they can beat another ice cream shop, but a little critics about their cone, the cone was to thin and not aromatic and you can't enjoy this soft serve without cone, and the cone slightly too big haha but beside that I really really love the soft cream! can't wait to try your next flavors.

I would say Hario Cafe will be the hippest cafe in town! Not just because their own brands, but they really brings a one stop culinary experience here, not just a good coffee, but they serve a really great meal. They also create a good ambiance, will I come back for this? of course ;)


Filipus Verdi Danutirto Tanu

Instagram : @filipusverdi 

Hario Cafe Jakarta
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Opening Hours: 06.00 - 22.00
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