Homemade Poke Bowl: Salmon Poké Recipe

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I'm a large instrumentality of sushi but personally not into sashimi but I emotion carpaccio and Poke of course, means I emotion earthy salmon with a small oregon immoderate seasoning. When it comes to poke, I usually spell for salmon with plentifulness of sauce, and pineapple oregon mango. 

So, if you person nary thought what is really Poke? It's Hawaiian by the way, not Japanese though yesss determination are a batch of Japanese influences to Hawaiian cuisine. 

Keep successful caput to ONLY usage sushi / sashimi people fish, salmon and tuna are the astir common, if you’re not into earthy fish, vegan option, usage tofu. Please usage cleanable cutting board. I usually marque caller poke, means it’s served instantly oregon marinated successful fridge for 30 minutes to an hr (don’t hide to wrapper the vessel with integrative wrap).

The Base: Cooked brownish atom / reddish atom / sushi atom / premix greens 

The Sauce: Spicy Mayo (kewpie mayo + sriracha), ail condiment (garlic dressing)

The Toppings:

cucumber edamame cabbage pineapple mango lettuce seaweed green onions pickled carrot furikake avocado toasted sesame seeds

Tips: take 5-7 toppings, marque it colorful, pineapple oregon mango is simply a indispensable for maine due to the fact that the sweetness of the effect brings up the flavor

Salmon Poke:

250 gr salmon, sashimi / sushi grade 30 gr onion, sliced 2 tbsp shoyu (japanese soysauce) 1 stalk greenish onion, thinly sliced 1 tsp toasted sesame oil 1 tsp atom vinegar

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