Jakarta : Hwang Geum Bab Sang

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Authentic Korean edifice successful Kelapa Gading 

 Ok I person to admit that I consciousness sooooo ashamed that I didn't cognize this edifice before. As a chap 'anak kelapa gading', I've heard similar 5-6 friends of excavation that recommending this place, but... I conscionable forgot and ne'er wage a sojourn to this restaurant. 

So Hwang Geum Bab Sang is located astatine Gading Batavia before, but they relocated to KTC. Yes, KTC. A somewhat dodgy promenade that possibly I lone had visited 3 oregon 4 times before. Owned by a Korean, and erstwhile I went there, astir of the customers are besides Korean. So.... nary uncertainty for the authenticity. 

The paper was rather extensive. Lols. I had hard clip to bid since I privation to bid each !! hahhaha... But I conjecture this clip I volition effort their Korean BBQ first, but Bossam ( Steam Pork ) and Jokbal is already connected my adjacent 'to-order' database ! Yepp.. The information was rather big, truthful that's wherefore I had to take either their BBQ oregon that. Oh, and they are precise affordable excessively !

The waitress is beauteous skillful and knowledgeable. She urge the paper that rather suitable to Indonesian palate. The interior is conscionable okay. Quite spacious though, but it's conscionable accepted and a precise emblematic Korean BBQ restaurant. haha.

For the 'banchan' it was not excessively vary, but it tasted good. Especially the 'odeng' ( food cakes ). The kimchi was deed each the close notes, but it was a dry-type. Yes, I similar a 'wet'-type of Kimchi with a batch of sauces. 

The atom present is beauteous unique, since they cooked a-la infinitesimal !! Cooked successful a chromatic vessel and took 16 minutes to marque ! Make definite you bid your atom up haha. 

Their doenjang ( soybean paste ) besides delish! Not excessively salty.

For the BBQ, we bid Sam Gyeop Sal - IDR 80.000,-. This 1 is my favourite of all! It was tender, smokey and savory! 

Woosamgyupsal - IDR 120.000,-. Quite astonishment with the terms that is inexpensive for Beef. It tasted conscionable good though, bladed but has that smokey aroma.

Origooi - IDR 86.000,-. Yes this is Duck meats! It was somewhat chewy though. I've tasted amended and this 1 is conscionable okay.

Nyangnyem Gooi - IDR 86.000,-. This is simply a saccharine marinated pork. It was a spot excessively saccharine for maine though.  

A MUST ORDER, Samgyeopsal successful Hotplate - IDR 86.000,-. The meats was sooo savory and fragrant with sensation of sesame lipid and immoderate saccharine sauce. I can't halt eating this 1 !

 Haemul Soon Dubu - IDR 76.000,-. The crockery was spicy and savory, the tofu was brushed excessively with immoderate pieces of seafood successful it. Very comforting !

Bajirak Kalguksu - IDR 65.000,-. A heavy noodle beef soup-based, with seafood. The broth was a spot plain, but the noodle was precise enjoyable since it has that bouncy textures, and the seafood was caller !

Hwang Geum Bab Sang
1st Floor, Hypermall (KTC)
Jl. Raya Boulevard Barat, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
Opening hours : 10am -10pm
Phone : 021-29574369
Instagram : @Hwang_Geum_Bab_Sang


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