Jakarta : Living Grand For Weddings at Grand Hyatt

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Wanna cognize what benignant of weddings successful Grand Hyatt looks like?


For Indonesian, wedding is simply a peculiar solemnisation whether you spell 'BIG' oregon spell 'home'. We emotion throwing large parties for wedding, adjacent for immoderate taste radical successful Indonesia, wedding celebrations could spell for a week ! That's however superior we are erstwhile it comes to wedding. 

Grand Hyatt Jakarta knows it well, that's wherefore connected July they held Wedding Fair featuring Indonesian well-known bridal designer, Hian Tjen, Vera Kebaya and Monica Ivena. So that clip I was invited by Grand Hyatt for Exclusive Press Dinner Wedding Fair 2017. 

The lawsuit was big by Ivy Batuta, and we besides get to acquisition however the wedding enactment looks similar successful Grand Hyatt. 

Ivy Batuta and Hian Tjen

The 1st people of the nighttime was Trio of Salmon, which is Beetroot Marinated Salmon, Sesame Seared Salmon and Salmon and Avocado Tartar. I emotion this crockery since I americium a large instrumentality of Salmon! The 3 flavors was prepared well, and makes you acceptable for the adjacent people !

Also paired with Wines

Next 1 is Chilled Creamy Corn Soup and Sea Urchin. I'm truthful blessed erstwhile I spot caller Uni connected top! The crockery was precise airy yet creamy astatine the aforesaid time. The  'uni' besides gives other 'umami' to this dish. I'm conscionable not excessively fond of the lettuce connected this dish, possibly immoderate crunch texture would beryllium bully :)

For the palate-cleanser, they served Lemon Grass and Coconut Sorbet. Oh my !! This was excessively bully ! Mine was gone successful second.

For the 4th people is Pan Fried Wagyu Beef Fillet, Lobster Medallion, and Foie Gras. The Wagyu decidedly the prima of this crockery since its precise tender and aromatic with those Truffle essence.

To extremity the meal is Sea Salt Caramel Ganache, Mud Cake Crumbs, White Chocolate Nest, Raspberry Ice Cream. It was a bully equilibrium of saccharine and acidity from the Raspberry  Ice Cream.

So, if you looking for thing 'Grand' for your wedding, I stake Grand Hyatt Jakarta is simply a spot for you.

Grand Hyatt Jakarta 
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