Jakarta : Ramadan Specials at The Dutch

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Another spot for breakfasting ideas !

The Dutch is simply a Modern Gastropub that serves wide selections of beers connected pat and handcrafted cocktails. In here, you tin besides find Dutch comfortableness nutrient with selections of housemade sausages. In this period of Ramadan, they are offering you immoderate Indonesian and Middle Eastern -twists to try. So present they are !


Duck Wings Ketjap Manis with Garlic Sambal – IDR 70.000. A large appetizer for sharing with your friends. The duck was cooked nicely, but the condiment a spot excessively saccharine to my palate.

Middle Eastern Harissa Beef with Fragrant Rice and Almond – IDR 140.000. I emotion this crockery ! The atom was inactive al-dente, and it's decidedly fragrant. The beef was a spot chewy though, but I deliberation it was a generous magnitude ! I emotion the yogurt connected apical due to the fact that it gives a bully equilibrium to the different components.

Ayam Taliwang – IDR 95.000. The chickenhearted was rather spicy and has that charred grill flavor. It was bully ! And I emotion the presumption excessively !

Pandan Panna Cotta with Pineapple Ice Cream – IDR 55.000. This dessert is to-die-for ! Seriously... each of the components was truly good. When it comes together, spirit weaponry successful your rima ! 

We besides effort their location specialty, The Dutch Sausage Platter – IDR 325.000. This 1 dwell ‘Rookworst’, Chorizo, Lamb Merguez, Duck Sausage, Chicken Sausage. I loveeee each of them ! Especially  the chickenhearted sausage that is savory and moist, and besides their Rookworst who had crispy tegument and smoky spirit ! I besides emotion however they serves it with Cornichons. Yes... Because I americium a large instrumentality of pickles :p

And besides their peculiar desserts, Speculaas Toast – IDR 65.000. The rhum successful this 1 is truly strong. Quite comforting though with lukewarm cakey-'bread' connected the bottom, and Cinnamon Ice Cream.

Nutella & Banana Poffertjes – IDR 55.000. Poffertjes possibly the roots of Indonesian 'Kue Cubit' ? lols. This Poffertjes was moist and fluffy, and with Nutella? Nothing volition ever goes incorrect with nutella. lols

The Dutch
18 Parc Place Tower E GF
Jl. Jend SUdirman Kav 52-53
SCBD, Jakarta

Phone : 021-5152828
Instagram : @TheDutchJakarta 

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