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La Vie Style House has rapidly go 1 of my favourite brands to wear. When they offered to widen a discount to each of you, I jumped astatine the opportunity! Right present you’ll person 30% disconnected site-wide with the codification BLAIR30. They conscionable a launched the chicest poolside postulation (check it retired here) and of people you tin store truthful galore of my go-to classical caftans here – each astatine 30% off – but lone done 7/17. Don’t wait!


La Vie Style House was started by 2 friends, Lindsey and Jamie, successful Dallas backmost successful 2013. Their styles are fun, feminine, and 1 size fits all. I got my hands connected my archetypal caftan mode backmost successful the opening of 2019 and since past I person continued to adhd to my collection. Last twelvemonth I yet had the accidental to conscionable Lindsey and Jamie successful idiosyncratic successful NYC and tin attest that they are arsenic benignant and comic arsenic they are fashionable and talented. The 2 person continued expanding the enactment each twelvemonth adding much categories, fabrications, and silhouettes – the latest summation being this postulation that includes terry pieces.

La Vie Style House has carnal locations successful Dallas, Palm Beach, and Southampton that merchantability truthful galore of their classics arsenic good arsenic exclusives styles that you won’t find online. But don’t worry, if you spot thing you person to have, you tin ever telephone the store. Sadly I person yet to sojourn 1 of their carnal locations, but look guardant to seeing the Highland Park store successful Dallas connected a travel this September!


While the brand has truthful galore styles to take from my apical benignant remains the 3D lace maxi caftan. It comes successful truthful galore beauteous colors and is the cleanable benignant to formal up oregon down. You tin find maine moving astir Sarasota successful 1 during the time with flats and an easy tote and past modulation to nighttime by adding mules, a connection earring and a small bag. Probably the fig 1 question I get asked is what I deterioration underneath. Peek this post to spot each my favourite slips to brace with these caftans!

If you aren’t into the maxi magnitude style, the mini is an astonishing alternative. It’s not excessively abbreviated but not arsenic overwhelming arsenic the maxi magnitude caftans. I personally emotion the abbreviated paired backmost to cowboy boots. In some lengths determination are truthful galore antithetic fabrications to take from. While the 3D lace feels the astir classical I besides emotion this crochet version, this sequin caftan, and this unsocial lace option.


As I mentioned 1 of my favourite things astir their gorgeous caftans is however casual they are to style. As a maximalist I emotion to adhd chunky heels, statement jewelry, and stand retired bags to my looks, but you tin besides support it much streamlined with minimal accessories. Below are conscionable a fewer of the items I emotion pairing with my looks…

La Vie Style House precise seldom goes connected merchantability and discount codes are fewer and acold betwee! Between present and July 17th instrumentality 30% disconnected immoderate of these amusive La Vie Style House styles with codification BLAIR30 astatine checkout. Don’t hide to tag maine if you station connected societal arsenic I emotion seeing each your looks!