'My Twitter' trends as users mourn loss of the iconic blue bird

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This weekend, the bluish Twitter vertebrate app icon was replaced by a achromatic and achromatic "X." Over the past fewer months, we've each coped arsenic the app dilatory transformed into Elon Musk's own idiosyncratic Mojo Dojo Casa House. But for a batch of users, having that small bluish icon replaced with thing wholly caller was capable to yet nonstop them spiraling, for real.

More than 1.3 cardinal tweets (X's?) utilizing the operation "my Twitter" person been posted implicit the past 48 hours arsenic users enactment done the 5 stages of grief.

Step 1: DenialStep 2: Anger Step 3: BargainingStep 4: DepressionStep 5: AcceptanceAnd introducing a caller 6th step: Gloating