Nintendo's next-gen console could launch in 2024

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Don't look now, but the Nintendo Switch is much than six years old.

That's applicable because, successful the satellite of video games, that usually means it's astir clip for Nintendo to merchandise a caller console. According to a caller study from Video Games Chronicle, Nintendo's follow-up to the Switch could motorboat successful the 2nd fractional of 2024, seven-and-a-half years aft the Switch launched successful March 2017.

VGC besides reported that Nintendo's spouse studios person received improvement kits that they tin usage to commencement making games for the unnamed console. Not overmuch other is known astir the instrumentality astatine the moment, speech from the information that seemingly it tin play games successful handheld mode similar the Switch and volition instrumentality carnal crippled cartridges, besides similar the Switch.

Another constituent of involvement from VGC's study is that it mightiness motorboat with a lower-tech LCD surface alternatively of the nicer OLED show precocious seen connected the latest Switch model. One large happening we don't cognize is whether oregon not the caller console volition beryllium capable to play Switch games.

The lone happening that's for definite is that Nintendo doesn't look to beryllium rushing the long-awaited successor to the Switch. According to the mothership itself, the Switch has sold 125 cardinal units, which is hilariously 112 cardinal units much than its predecessor, the Wii U, sold.

The console remains highly fashionable and apt volition for a portion arsenic agelong arsenic Nintendo keeps releasing games similar The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom for it.