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I americium 1 of those radical who emotion having brunch, thing astir the connection "brunch" that fascinates me, connected definite occasions, I adjacent emotion dressing up for brunch, adjacent though immoderate days having noodle astatine thoroughfare stall is besides considered brunch, anyhow if you fancy brunch arsenic overmuch arsenic I do, past this introduction volition beryllium astir maine sharing you guys my caller finding, which turned retired to beryllium 1 of the astir awesome brunch spots successful Jakarta, particularly successful Kemang, I virtually didn't acceptable immoderate anticipation connected this one, and I conjecture sometimes erstwhile you enactment nary you got a batch successful return.

If you inquire maine to sanction my favourite brunch places successful Jakarta past I would person 5 that's connected my list, ones that I truly like, and this peculiar cafe entity rocketed to the apical 5. If you are not alert of this spot before, past it's my grant to present you to Poach'd!

Poach'd is simply a comparatively caller brunch spot that's located successful Kemang, precisely adjacent to Arion Hotel! The cafe is considered spacious with seating capableness for 50-60 radical (I conjecture from speedy oculus scan lol), the interior is elemental and neat with this homey and minimalist vibe to it, conscionable due without appearing overdone, determination are cute murals wherever guests are much than invited to instrumentality pictures at.

I conjecture they're beauteous superior with their coffee, immoderate fantastic gears they're utilizing here!

Quick scan of their paper and truthful galore delightful options successful store! They service mostly each time meal menus inspired from respective cultures (Australian, American, European), with immoderate "Indonesian" feels infused mains, specified arsenic Iga Bakar Bumbu Bali (IDR 175k) that's you're going to spot arsenic you scroll! Some of their champion sellers see Texan, Aussie, French! They besides person Vegetarian menus present and the menus with pork are labelled with the pig awesome connected the menu, truthful the remainder should beryllium halal I guess.

Price scope for the nutrient present is from IDR 65-IDR 205k, and arsenic for the drinks, beside java they besides service non alcoholic drinks (chocolate, greenish tea), assorted tea, juices, mocktails, beers adjacent cocktails.

Sprinkled Coffee, java starts from IDR 30k

I recovered that their java is beauteous bully with creaseless aftertaste and for that other vibe to it, they sprinkled the cupful articulator with meses and salted caramel almond, and I deliberation that's a cute interaction for other texture and flavor.

Cocktails - scope from IDR 85k-IDR 100k

Pomegranate Muesli Bowl - IDR 77k

For those who fancy yogurt and effect based steadfast bowls, spell for their Pomegranate Muesli Bowl, the quality mightiness beryllium simple, but there's thing astir the magnitude of ingredients that's conscionable truthful good thought and spot on, wrong the vessel you'll find chromatic yogurt, pomegranate, cocoa chips, strawberries, banana slices, mango, almond and oats! The yogurt is not the overly milky benignant and already sweetened with the honey, hence didn't bloat you retired easily, the summation of fruits adds successful immoderate crunch and people balances retired everything!

Aussie - IDR 127k

Aussie is their Australian benignant brunch menu, archetypal of all: fantastic presentation, popular and packed but maine likey! So galore elements here, but let's commencement with the incredibly caller and creamy avocado, which turned retired to beryllium imported due to the fact that rather frankly it's not the easiest to find fresh, soft, gooey, creamy avocado similar theirs, past you'll person 2 sourdough breads topped each with pick cheese, past smoked salmon and smoked snapper, followed with perfectly cooked poached egg, for the other crunch: pomegranate, almonds, beetroots and past altogether dressed successful Hollandaise condiment for that creamy spirit goodness. I perfectly emotion this menu, truly thing atrocious to say, ohio I'll astir apt permission the snapper unsocial oregon alteration it with smoked salmon due to the fact that for kinds of nutrient similar this, smoked salmon always!

Texan - IDR 117k

If the Aussie is not calorie omniscient 'challenging' capable for you and you request a afloat blown macromolecule kick, past their Texan mightiness beryllium the enactment for you! Even from looking astatine it I cognize I'm going to conscionable freaking full: sliced briskets (pretty immense for a azygous serving similar this) topped connected cheddar fried ovum and sourdough, with Jalapeno hash brown, bacons connected the broadside and dressed with BBQ sauce! Another precise bully option, packed with flavors, truthful fresh, perfectly successful love. So far, inactive has thing atrocious to say.

Salmon Bagel - IDR 95k

When it's served to my table: JUST SO TEMPTING! Toasted bagel with generous smoked salmon, pick cheese, capers, tomato, ren bulb and chives! The toasted bagel is beauteous moist but it was truly the smoked salmon and pick food that truly instrumentality the cake, thing astir the pick food that's deliciously savory and perfectly creamy, and the smoked salmon. FRESH AF!

Iga Bakar Bumbu Bali - IDR 175k

Don't justice the pricy terms tag, the information was truly beyond what I expected: HUGE!!! It's similar this 1 afloat blown chunky rib stacked connected the plate, generously seasoned with spices with nutrient that's uber tender and juicy, and for the broadside carb, nasi bakar (grilled turmeric seasoned rice) that's defaulty spicy and truthful lightly seasoned, to the constituent wherever you devour the atom unsocial you mightiness consciousness that not overmuch spirit is packed wrong but I deliberation you should person it altogether with the generously seasoned rib for the balance.

HELLO! Look astatine the chilli and tender meat! As I americium typing this I consciousness similar going determination time HAHAHA!

My archetypal acquisition present was thing but bliss, I perfectly emotion the nutrient here, the coffee, the lukewarm affable service, the bitchy broadside of maine wanted to find thing antagonistic astir this cafe but I don't deliberation I tin find 1 truthful far, and hopefully not due to the fact that aft my sojourn I truly person this delightful experience! Short to say, 1 of my favourite brunch spots successful municipality astatine the moment! Anyway they unfastened rather aboriginal truthful possibly adjacent earlier bureau hr you tin person thing to indulge present (if you enactment astir the vicinity LOL)! Thanks for reading!


Jalan Kemang Raya No. 11

Kemang, Jakarta Selatan 12730

Opening hours: 7 AM-7 PM

Average spending for two: IDR 350k

Dresscode: none