Privy Dharmawangsa, South Jakarta

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Privy Dharmawangsa, South Jakarta

Good quality for maine erstwhile I spot the improvement of the high-end dining concern successful Jakarta is expanding. In this season, Privy Dharmawangsa opened a subdivision successful Jakarta for the archetypal time, much precisely successful Dharmawangsa Square, South Jakarta. As the sanction implies Privy which successful English means private or secret, this edifice truly provides an exclusive and intimate atmosphere. Once you participate connected the 1st floor, determination volition beryllium a greeter who will take you up to the edifice done the elevator.

On mean days they conscionable unfastened for meal time, wherever an elegant, classic, and luxurious consciousness is felt successful this restaurant. For abstraction capableness that is not excessively large, according to the conception it volition supply an intimate and exclusive eating experience. Privy Dharmawangsa serves dishes with modern Italian American inspiration. Take note, it's not an authentic Italian restaurant, truthful if you privation to devour pizza, it would beryllium not the champion enactment to spell here. 😆

But you tin inactive bask a assortment of pasta with a modern touch that suits the appetite of the assemblage successful Jakarta. One of the unique must menus specified arsenic Linguine Pescatore Alla Jokowi, an absorbing story behind the crockery with the sanction of the President of Indonesia. This paper was indeed made for President Jokowi erstwhile attending an lawsuit successful the past. Pasta with assorted seafood specified arsenic clams, shrimp, and calamari. Then tomato-based sauce and Calabrian chili condiment which gives it a spicy taste. Here you can imagine a mixed sensation betwixt Italy and Indonesia.

The main paper that is recommended is the steak selection. With a reasonably implicit enactment of nutrient and premium quality. Both dry-age and non-dry-age are available. We cognize that nutrient that goes done the dry-age process, particularly aft 28 days, produces nutrient that is ace tender and has a tempting aroma. There is simply a terms for quality, 1 of the presumption that are often used successful accordance with this dish. Rib-eye done 28 days dry-aged is satisfying. The cleanable tender texture and conscionable the close aroma. 

Not lone the main people but determination are besides broadside dishes that are quite absorbing to me. 15 hr Potatoes, sounds simple, a crockery made from potatoes. But what astir processing potatoes up to 15 hours? Well, going through a agelong process and with elaborate techniques astatine archetypal glimpse it looks like a cake-shaped fried potato, but erstwhile effort it, determination are twelve of bladed layers of potatoes. The consistency of the bladed slices of potatoes makes the experience adjacent much impressive.

Overall the eating acquisition present is memorable with a comfortable, luxurious ambiance according to my standards. All the dishes that I bask tin beryllium a proposal erstwhile you sojourn there. A modern benignant that suits the tastes of Jakarta nine and is familiar. Don't hide to effort the unique and delicious cocktail creations from nonrecreational bartenders, besides they service cocktails with beauteous presentations. For service, it mightiness be better with improvements from serving timings that are not excessively rushed, and more precise statement of cutlery. Prices are comparatively high, possibly you tin spend from IDR 500K per idiosyncratic for meal here.

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Privy Dharmawangsa,

The Dharmawangsa Square, Jl. Dharmawangsa VI, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta,

Tel: +62 811 1908 9508