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In the midst of chaotic clip there's a truly blessed news, astatine slightest for me: R&B TEA is OPENING REAL SOON IN INDONESIA!!! R&B has a peculiar spot successful my bosom due to the fact that it's presently astatine the precise apical of my database for THE BEST BROWN SUGAR MILK DRINK, I retrieve vividly the precise archetypal clip I tried R&B successful Singapore (their Marina Bay Sands branch) and 2 years agone they were the archetypal to commencement the brown sweetener with food brulee topping and gained rather a recognition! Anyway for those who wonderment what "R&B" is actually, it stands for Rex and Bruce, the owners who are Taiwanese who opened up bubble beverage shops successful China, arsenic this station is being typed determination are presently much than 600 R&B branches dispersed each implicit China, Singapore, Vietnam and present Indonesia! YAY! It's opening July 4th 2020!

...BUT the question is: is the 1 successful Jakarta arsenic bully arsenic the 1 successful Singapore? I was truthful damn fortunate to beryllium invited for an exclusive preview 2 days agone (thank you R&B team) and I americium ace excited to stock this reappraisal due to the fact that I privation eatandtreats readers to beryllium the archetypal to virtually acquisition R&B opening with me, I don't usually consciousness this excited astir an opening that I privation to beryllium truthful involved, but this is R&B, honestly during the tasting I gave them truthful overmuch pressure, the authorities of spirit needs to lucifer the SG standard, adjacent though I person to archer you thing earlier I commencement this review: the beverage they're utilizing present is antithetic than the 1 they're utilizing successful Singapore, they usage "Meiji" beverage successful SG and sadly we don't person immoderate here, but from what I've tried, it's decidedly not disappointing and inactive beauteous creamy!

I americium definite you each wonderment astir the pricing and I tin leak that info for you: it's astir HALF cheaper than the SG price! That's a bully commencement for this review!

Captured 2 days agone atrocious for the lame telephone quality, I didn't person my wide lens with maine that day, I tin accidental they're 50% done with the operation and moving beauteous fast, little than 2 weeks earlier the expansive opening!

The close apical pic is the boba machine, it looks similar this Japanese bamboo steamer: PRETTY! - anyhow photograph taken utilizing my "TOKYO" Instagram communicative filter *promo ;P*

There were 3 drinks presented for me, the intent of maine coming is not lone for the exclusive preview but they besides asked for my honorable opinion, and it is the reappraisal I wrote successful this entry.

Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cheese Brulee - IDR 38,5k

In Chinese this portion is called "A Tiger Taking it's Journey": pearls cooked with brownish sweetener (and brownish sweetener glaze for that beauteous look), poured with chilled milk, topped with food brulee past torched for a furniture of caramelized brownish sweetener crust. So acold for "their style", this is the champion brownish sweetener bubble that I've had, the brownish sweetener spirit is beautifully infused to the bubble (no wonderment due to the fact that they really spent 3 freaking hours cooking the boba), and texture omniscient the bubble is brushed and chewy! I suggest trying their lukewarm brownish sweetener boba earlier mixing everything, I virtually had nary occupation with this, adjacent for not utilizing the aforesaid milk, this 1 tastes 90% similar the 1 I had successful SG (can't 100 cuz milk), this portion is creamy with sweet-savory flavor, the food brulee is not overly milky and cheesy truthful erstwhile I drank it, it didn't bloat maine the f out, I emotion the spirit opposition of this drink: you get the saccharine caramelize fragrant brownish sugar, what a equilibrium to the saccharine & salty portion and food brulee. A coagulated 9/10!

If you announcement I wrote "their style" due to the fact that I recognize determination are immoderate brands successful the biz with their ain attack similar Kokumi (and I emotion Kokumi excessively and their benignant is antithetic with modern approach), R&B benignant is the much classical one: precise Chinese & Taiwanese style.

I support connected texting the proprietor to support up with the prime of this, particularly since this is the signature merchandise and due to the fact that they can't fuck up the expansive opening! Anyway aren't you blessed that this is lone IDR 38k (honestly I wouldn't caput astatine each to wage much for this!!!), unluckily they won't beryllium serving the ample size similar the 1 I had successful Singapore (the ample size is S$6.5 successful SG).

That apical furniture is 1 of the item of this drink: the caramelized brownish sweetener crust for that aroma and delicate burnt spirit (in a bully way).

GRAPE YOGI - terms to beryllium confirmed

This is the archetypal clip I tried their Grape Yogi drink, heard it's rather palmy overseas and I kinda get why: it's this refreshing grape portion with creamy heavy yogurt that's not overly sour (maybe I similar it conscionable a tad much sour but I'm good with this state), this portion is not yet last due to the fact that it's expected to person grape chunks and the grapes were not disposable that day, but the jelly topping tho! WOW I LOVE IT, it's this agelong cylinder signifier with this steadfast but chewy texture, wide it's elemental but spot on.

Save the champion for last? Just erstwhile I prepped myself to beryllium astir impressed by their Brown Sugar Milk, this 1 takes the cake, turned retired this 1 near a precise peculiar content from the tasting league that day!

The precocious people no. 23 Oolong beverage topped with milky beverage pick (I mean perfectly milky heavy beverage pick with stronger oolong beverage spirit successful ratio), I emotion however this portion is wide saccharine with this ascendant beverage spirit on with this sheer hint of bitter enactment astatine sips, but that's the charm! I would hatred it if this portion is "just sweet" with nary layers. This is personally my NUMBER ONE prime that I would urge you guys ordering erstwhile R&B opens! Don't hide to travel maine connected my Instagram (@eatandtreats) for much upcoming updates connected R&B, anyhow I can't signifier my last sentiment yet, but based connected the 3 drinks that I tried, R&B is decidedly 1 of the strongest newcomers, they're not playing!

There's nary regularisation erstwhile it comes to drinking this, I drank it done the spread connected the cupful screen due to the fact that I privation to admit the tasty heavy pick first, past followed by the tea. I americium truly craving for this close now, beatified moly.

I americium decidedly going to update this station with much portion recommendations, anyhow connected the time of tasting the squad projected a giveaway collaboration that I judge is going to beryllium LIT! Stay tuned for THE BIG giveaway that's coming Sunday, June 28th 2020 connected my Instagram! You decidedly don't privation to miss it!

Until the adjacent update!

Read my Singapore Food Diary post where I talked astir R&B for the precise archetypal clip -> HERE

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