Re-opening View Steak Bar, Fairmont Jakarta

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Re-opening View Steak Bar, Fairmont Jakarta

Finally, aft a agelong clip successful the pandemic, View Restaurant is unfastened again with a caller paper conception and besides a caller chef. For Jakarta's society, of course, you already cognize that this edifice is located astatine Fairmont Jakarta, 22nd floor. This edifice is unfastened for meal from 6.00 pm. This preview lawsuit besides introduces a caller Head Chef named Hugo Bertolini. With a fairly well-established acquisition successful 5-star hotels, of course, his expertise cannot beryllium doubted.

Once again I explain, with a determination connected the 22nd floor, this edifice provides an enchanting presumption of the Senayan area. The elegant interior conception with a interaction of acheronian colors and dim lights provides an exclusive atmosphere. With the sanction steak bar, View not lone serves a variety of steaks but besides a wide enactment of modern dishes with a Latin American twist.

In this preview event, immoderate of the menus that I tried were really interesting, specified arsenic the Slow Charred Octopus (IDR 155,000), an octopus crockery with a creamy, caller greenish condiment and a distinctive peppery aroma. Grilled Scallops (IDR 175,000) with greenish apple, chili birds eye, jalapeno condiment truthful that it gives a harmonious, sour, fresh, spicy sensation successful 1 dish. Then there's Spicy Prawn In Their Heads (IDR 175,000), sounds interesting. The prawns are cooked unneurotic with herbs and spices to marque it similar an Indian crockery implicit with brushed naan bread.

Blue Crab Tartare (IDR 165,000) is besides an absorbing snack to try. Served with crispy layers, brushed crab preparations with togarashi condiment to springiness it a caller taste. Or favourite Latin dishes similar Red Snapper Crudo (IDR 110,000), sliced ​​fresh fish served with ponzu, citrus oil, and coriander dress. Perfect snapper texture, fresh and sour sensation that increases appetite.

The main crockery that indispensable beryllium tried is the Tomahawk 1000 gr (IDR 1,900,000), the quality is tempting and acceptable to pamper the palate. Simple nutrient that has gone done the process of 28 days dry-aged, fragrant smoky aroma. The texture of the nutrient is ace tender and the aroma of prime nutrient choice. You can enjoy it on with assorted choices of sauces with further costs specified as Beef Jus, Chili Sauce, Chimichurri Cuyano, Green Peppercorn, and Black Truffle. Honestly, without the sauce, the steak is already delicious and truly mouth-watering.

Never forget the assorted desserts, dishes similar Chocolate Orange Smores Pie  (IDR 70,000) are my favorite arsenic a cocoa lover. The apical furniture with marshmallows that person a distinctive texture, past a furniture of brushed and legit cocoa mousse pie combined with Whiskey cocoa condiment is truly fun. Don't miss trying a variety of unsocial and delicious cocktails, Richard Charles is 1 of the mixologists who enjoys being originative utilizing nutrient ingredients into cocktails so that each portion has a antithetic quality and provides a antithetic experience.

The terms offered is successful accordance with the standards of a specialist edifice successful a 5-star hotel. In addition, the services offered also follow planetary standards. Not to hide that each dishes are made with premium and prime ingredients successful accordance with Jakarta's high-end market. This edifice volition surely beryllium cleanable for romanticist dining, adjacent hang-out special events with friends and family. Interesting right?!

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