Resep:Gimmari / Kimmari - Korean Deep Fried Seaweed Rolls

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Gimmari, Deep Fried Seaweed Rolls filled with solid noodles. Chewy solid noodles wrapped with crispy seaweed, batter coated fried nutrient is conscionable ever good. Next clip if you're making tteokbokki oregon budae jjigae, this volition beryllium a bully company, to beryllium dipped into the sauce. 

It's ever bully to beryllium backmost successful South Korea, conscionable to find bully places to eat. I wrote astir 15 Must Eat Korean Food if you privation to read, good I decidedly request to update it. Gimmari is really beauteous casual to find astatine the thoroughfare nutrient vendor successful Seoul, but present successful Jakarta, I haven't recovered it yet. So, wherefore not making my ain Gimmari. It's really precise casual to make, but it's truthful good. You surely tin marque your batter from scratch but erstwhile I tried utilizing tempura flour, it turned truly nice, light, and crispy. Double fry method is precise recommended for this recipe.


100 gr solid noodles 30 gr tiny diced carrot 3 tbsp chives, sliced 5-7 sheets nori seaweed 1 tbsp sesame oil 1 tbsp soy sauce 160 gr tempura flour 250 ml iced water, you astir apt request more salt to taste water for boiling oil for frying

Dipping Sauce:

1 clove garlic 1-2 tsp blistery chili pepper 2 tbsp sliced greenish onion 1 tbsp sugar 1/4 cupful soy sauce 1-2 tsp sesame oil water to adjust 

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