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I spent galore nights watching World Cup 2018, I got nuts, snacks, drinks, but blasted this ever bare miss close here, it's similar ne'er ending communicative that craving for spicy / savory crockery aft saccharine treats and it continues.. Based connected what I had successful fridge that night, I present Mie Goreng Nuclear, my version.

So.. it's astir an casual yet worthy to effort and I stake you'll marque it implicit again. By the clip I wrote this, I've made this noodle look 3 times, positive 1 that I filmed for my Youtube video. How spicy? You decide, I DO NOT urge utilizing caller chili arsenic it volition alteration the taste. The cardinal is the prepared sambal terasi, yes the 1 successful jar. I conjecture it volition besides enactment with sambal bajak. If you tin grip ace spicy nutrient past spell for boncabe level 15 (not sponsored), I did. For the topping, I did with meatballs, erstwhile I tried with ovum but for maine I volition instrumentality with meatball oregon possibly sliced sausage / hotdog / spam. You whitethorn privation to adhd much seasoning (salt and kecap manis) erstwhile adding ovum into this recipe. The much topping, the much seasoning to add.

Also, navigator the noodles for lone 3 minutes oregon less, person a try! Tag @heytheresia and fto maine cognize what bash you think


1 bundle Indomie Mi Goreng 5 meatballs, sliced 1 stalk greenish onion, thinly sliced 1 tbsp sambal (I utilized sambal terasi, you tin besides usage sambal bajak) 1/2 tsp chili flakes (not chili powder) 1 tsp adust sambal aka boncabe level 15, oregon arsenic spicy arsenic you like 70 ml water 1 tbsp cooking oil

Watch the video for the directions

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