Resep: Marie Biscuits Shakes Recipe

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It's a precise elemental beverage you tin marque for immoderate occasion, let's accidental household gathering? Or conscionable cleanable for your maine time. I was increasing up eating Marie biscuits, particularly erstwhile I got sick, I had thing to eat, nary appetite, and my ma gave maine this on with blistery tea. But these days, I similar Marie biscuits connected my crystal pick oregon gelato, yes acknowledgment to the originative gelateria successful Jakarta.

Once I tried Marie Biscuits Milk successful a barroom shop, and it gave maine an thought to marque this recipe. I utilized canned milk, to beryllium circumstantial it's Bear Brand (not sponsored), conscionable due to the fact that it's champion for this drink, the spirit and operation with the milky Marie biscuits. I besides added non-dairy creamer, topped it with freshly whipped pick and biscuit crumble. You tin get the sweetness from condensed milk, but not excessively much, adhd a small elemental syrup to taste. To marque the elemental syrup, harvester 1 portion of sweetener positive 1 portion water, bring to boil until the sweetener dissolve. Once cool, support it refrigerate.

Marie Biscuits Shakes
1-2 serving


1 cupful ice 150 ml milk, I utilized Bear Brand (just due to the fact that it's good) 2 tbsp condensed milk 2 tbsp non-dairy creamer 5 marie biscuits 1 tbsp elemental syrup oregon to taste freshly whipped cream, astir 2 tbsp per serving

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