Resep: Oreo Milk Pudding Recipe

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It's bully connected its own, but determination are galore things you tin marque utilizing Oreo. And this is 1 of them, Oreo Milk Pudding. This look calls for tiny magnitude of agar and jelly pulverization due to the fact that I similar brushed pudding alternatively of firm, but consciousness escaped to adhd much to your preference. Chill successful fridge earlier serving.

I asked Kevin, helium said it was a small excessively saccharine for him but my sister said it’s conscionable enough, so.. depending connected your taste, you astir apt privation to adhd less, and set later. And astir the oreo, it volition sensation amended if you blend it, due to the fact that soggy cookies is conscionable not my liking but again.. consciousness free. The astir important things are the beverage and whipped pick pulverization to enchance the affluent flavor.

Oreo Milk Pudding
For 3 servings


600 ml milk 80 gr sweetener oregon depending connected your preference 2-3 tbsp whipped pick pulverization oregon powdered creamer 1/4 tsp jelly powder 1/4 tsp agar powder 5-7 oreo sandwich, blend oregon crushed more oreo for topping

Cook portion stirring connected debased heat. Watch video for the directions.

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