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Eating seafood successful a “Kelong” is however astir Batam locals bask their seafood. Wait, what is simply a Kelong?

Sumber Rezeki Kelong WHAT IS A KELONG?

The representation supra depicts what a kelong is, a level (usually wooden) connected apical of the ocean. Seafood astir Batam is usually caller anyhow but having it successful this benignant of mounting feels much caller right? This seafood kelong is located by the Nongsa Beach. So if you are tourists staying successful the resorts adjacent Nongsa, you mightiness privation to springiness this a shot.

Black Pepper Crayfish THE FOOD

Overall, the nutrient present are bully with immoderate fantabulous dishes. My favourite is this Black Pepper Crayfish. Some telephone this Slipper Lobster but the locals telephone this “Hepo”. The condiment is simply excessively appetizing that makes you privation much and more. Not to notation the caller Crayfish.


This calamari is beauteous good. Golden crispy crunch with brushed chewy inside. Marination is conscionable decent. Eat this with the “sambal” aka chili condiment for other kick.

Steamed Flower Crab

You tin ne'er spell incorrect with steamed seafood erstwhile they are freshly caught disconnected the sea. Some other seasonings wouldn’t wounded too.

Fried prawns with butter

Can’t spell incorrect with this classical dish. Salty spirit from the food glazing done each of the succulent prawns. Not the champion but inactive worthy your time

Seafood with a view

As a bonus, the calming water presumption portion eating these caller yummy seafood. Across this kelong is really the determination of “Pulau Putri” (Princess Island). You tin instrumentality a vessel implicit and bask a quiescent clip successful that tiny island.

You tin besides cheque retired this article astir Sumber Rezeki for much pictures connected the edifice and food


Lada hitam = Black pepper
Hepo = Crayfish/Slipper lobster
Ikan = Fish
Rajungan = Flower crabs
Sotong goreng tepung = Calamari
Udang = Prawns
Mentega = Butter
Stim = Steamed
Goreng = Fried


PRICE💲: Can’t retrieve but precise tenable here

LOCATION📍: Sumber Rezeki Seafood

– This is NOT Rezeki successful Batu Besar

– Nongsa Beach crook near earlier reaching Batam View Resort

– When successful Nongsa Beach area, conscionable inquire radical there

– There are lone 2-3 kelong seafood here

– This kelong is located adjacent the boats going to Pulau Putri (Princess Island)

HOURS⏰: Lunch and Dinner


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