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Seoul Yummy officially opens its restaurant door to the foodies in Jakarta. Established in Singapore since 2008, Seoul Yummy has more than 10 years of Korean culinary experience and it has made a name for itself in Singapore as the go-to casual restaurant forquintessential traditional Korean cuisine with a modern twistNow K-Fans who love all things Korean will undoubtedly fall in love with the brand.

Indonesia Seoul Yummy menu has over 30 exciting dishesand amongst the mouth-watering offerings is our Signature Army Stew which has always been their customers’ favourite, Cheese Pots for the cheese lovers and our range our Korean comfort food that will keep you coming for more. There are eight Seoul Yummy restaurants in Singapore and Lippo Kemang Mall is their first restaurant in Jakarta. Their expansion into Indonesia was performed under a joint venture between Gratify Group and Maspion GroupDiners may look forward to the more outlets in Indonesia real soon

So, I really excited and have a good feeling that they had such a cool and fun dishes, because most of the food name was taken from Korean Drama or song and I think it’s really good to attract Indonesian market that have a high interest to the Korean culture nowadays, especially drama and music, yeah they got the market. Now the most important question , will their food got people’s heart? So this is why I came here. To try their food for sure! They’re located at The Avenue of Star Lippo Mall Kemang which I can say as one of the best mall to find a great food, it seems like alfresco dining and I guess the restaurant or cafes that opened here is not the mainstream one. 

When you enter this area from the ground floor you’ll find Seoul Yummy  on your left side, see the white minimalist exterior with very colorful and fun ambiance inside. As you can see from the arts instalation on the wall, for me their concept was so good, they bring happiness to the customers and easily attract the young people or even a family with children to eat here. I think they have a comfy place where I can sit for a long time, enjoy their food and share stories with my friends or family, I can feel a homey side of this restaurant

>> Seoul Yummy Ice Lemon Tea with Aiyu Jelly

IDR 23.000

To start my journey here, I have Seoul Yummy Ice Lemon Tea with Aiyu Jelly, a very refreshing drink, so it's consists of tea with real lemon, so the sourness was really great and yeah I always love Korean tea, especially corn tea that have some "burnt" taste and give some another experience, also served with unique aiyu jelly.

>> Potato & Kimchi Pancake

IDR 38.000

Pan-fried grated potatoes, shredded carrot and spring onion pancake or we also called them as Pajeon, you may find this easily all around Korean restaurant! Nothing special about this pancake but add this into your lunch probably a good idea, personally I like the kimchi more. 

>> Korean Rice Bowls

IDR 38.000 (Spicy Chicken)

IDR 48.000 (Beef Bulgogi)

Before going to their main dishes, here's their Korean Rice Bowls! Korean seaweed rice roll with your choice of meat and you can choose between Spicy Chicken or Beef Bulgogi. As their named, so this korean rice is shaped into bowl, they add some sesame oil for the aroma and of course taste good, the spicy chicken is my favorite, because yeah I love spicy food!

>> Daebak Army Stew

IDR 148.000 (Chicken)

IDR 168.000 (Beef)

THIS IS THE MAIN DISH HERE! Daebak Army Stew! Consists of Korean Ramyon, Tteokbokki, Spam, Sausage, Enoki, Beancurd, Baked Beans, Assorted Vegetables and Kimchi. Army stew also known as Budae Jjigae which very popular and classic Korean dish. Let me tell you a little history of this Army stew, Budae which translates into army in Korean and Jjigae meaning stew, because army stew is known to have originated from the Korean War. During the war, Koreans have salvaged any means of food from the American soldiers in which there were plenty of hot dog, sausages and spam along with other staples. At Seoul Yummy, we have transformed what used to be a common Korean army food to a luxury dish. 

The soup base is their specialty in-house made recipe which sums up the whole dish and is the reason why the Army stew is a signature.You can also substitute the protein into seafood, odeng or even premium wagyu beef, so it's up to you. It will served in front of you and of course this menu is a sharing portion!

>> Chingu Cheese Pot

IDR 188K

>> Poong Japchae

IDR 88.000

A classic Korean stir fried glass noodles. I always order Japchae whenever I came to Korean restaurant, for me it's a very basic dish to give a rate on how good the Korean restaurant is, if they can't even cook a good Japchae, don't expect much then but Seoul Yummy has a decent Japcahe, love the texture and the taste, also the toppings that came along with the Japchae. Good Job!

>> Black Yellow Bingsoo 

IDR 58.000

Here we come to the dessert time! For the desserts they concentrate in Bingsoo, they have a really unique bingsoo, so it's not the components of the milk that create that snow texture but the machine, so everything put into the machine turns into snow ice! Crazy! For the Black Yellow Bingsoo of course the milk based shaved ice topped with Chocolate Ice Cream,  oreo flakes, banana, wafer cookies, crushed nuts, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Always love banana when combine with chocolate. 

>> Dramarama

IDR 58.000

Another great Bingsoo is Dramarama, this one is very unique , contains of Milk Snow Ice, Vanilla Ice Cream, Popcorn, Potato Chips, and caramel sauce. Seriously potato chips? Yes, hint of savory taste around the sweetness of the bingsoo, also the caramel sauce blend well with the ice cream and popcorn, perfect! 

So, that's my experience of dining at Seoul Yummy! Overall it's a really great Korean restaurant and when you're in Lippo Mal Kemang, this is must be on your list but remember to come here with friends or family so you can enjoy lotsa foods! Annyeong :)

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Lippo Mall Kemang Ground floor, Unit G-OD-07

Jl.Kemang VI No.6, Bangka, Mampang Prapatan

Average spend : approx. IDR 120.000 (for 2 persons)