Some Windows users are reporting 'update and shut down' bugs

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It sounds similar Windows is being annoying for immoderate folks.

Microsoft's PC operating strategy is seemingly refusing to use bundle updates decently for immoderate users, arsenic spotted by Windows Latest. Users connected Reddit person complained that clicking "Update and unopen down" whenever a bundle update is acceptable to rotation alternatively restarts the PC or, successful one complaint registered backmost successful May, simply dumps the idiosyncratic backmost to the desktop. There doesn't look to beryllium a definitive hole for the issue.

According to Windows Latest and Reddit, this is affecting astatine slightest Windows 10 and 11 users, though lone immoderate of them. This is simply a occupation due to the fact that folks mostly privation their PCs to unopen down erstwhile they click a fastener that says "shut down."

If the PC unexpectedly restarts instead, the proprietor mightiness accidentally permission it moving for acold longer than intended. That's not a immense contented for desktop PCs, but for laptops, artillery beingness evidently becomes a problem.

If you person a Windows update to install, conscionable wage attraction to what your PC does afterward.