16 thoughts on “FATCA Reporting Deadline by Jurisdiction

  1. Australia – 31/07/2015
    Belgium – 30/06/2015
    Canada – 01/05/2015
    Denmark – 01/05/2015
    Finland – 30/04/2015
    France technically is 15/06/2015
    Germany -31/07/2015
    Guernsey – 30/06/2015
    Indonesia – (currently stands at 31/03/2015 but imagine this is set to change)
    Isle of Man – 30/06/2015
    Italy – 30/04/2015
    Jersey – 30/06/2015
    Luxembourg- 30/06/2015
    New Zealand – currently stands at 01/04/2015
    Singapore – 31/05/2015
    Sweden – (looks to be 15/07/2015)
    UAE – 31/05/2015

    This is what I’ve come across so far, hopefully useful for you to check back against with the local guidance available



  2. Hi Haydon,
    The Netherlands is awaiting a “Koninklijk Besluit” about the exact date during 2015 for reporting to the local tax authorities. Will update the page when this arrives.

  3. The FATCA page is up and running..with registrations from the countries listed below. The update I can provide is as follows for the country’s intended information exchange:

    Anguilla, September, 2017
    Cayman Islands, September, 2017
    Curacoa, September, 2017
    Cyprus, September, 2017
    Turks & Caicos, September, 2017
    Gibraltar, September, 2017

    Croatia, September, 2017
    Czech Republic, September,2017
    Estonia, September, 2017
    Hungary, September, 2017
    Iceland, September, 2017
    Latvia, September, 2017
    Lithuania, September,2017
    Romania, September, 2017
    Slovenia, September, 2017

  4. Hi there,

    I’ve been trying to figure this out as well. I see that all the Model 1 IGAs say in Article 3 Section 5 that they will report by the end of September, but the individual governments are issuing earlier reporting dates. (Canada included) So are we to assume that if the specific government hasn’t released a date, then that date is September 30th?

    Blanket Reporting Date: http://www.irs.gov/Businesses/Corporations/Summary-of-FATCA-Timelines

    Canada’s Reporting Date: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tx/nnrsdnts/nhncdrprtng/gdnc-eng.html#Toc390079723

    Thank you,

    • Hi Fabio. Thank you for that. Does this guidance mention whether Nil Reporting is required? Also will Italy use its own schema or the IRS schema. All things being equal September 30th is the date by which the Italian Authorities have to report to the IRS. Do I understand you correctly that reporting FIs in Italy only have to report to the Italian authorities by September 30th?

      • Hi Haydon,
        Italy will use the IRS schema with no modifications: the Italian Authority only has added some comments where they specify how to compile some fields (eg. Address, DocRefId, TIN, AccountNumber, Balance,…).
        I didn’t found any reference to the nil report.
        The Italian reporting FI will have to report to the Italian Authority within 30 days after the final promulgation of the “Technical Rules” but we don’t know when this specification will be officially promulgated. Probably at the and of June but this is just a my guess. In any case the Italian Authority will send the data to IRS by September 30th.


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