Selection criteria for a CRS/FATCA adviser

A valued and trusted CRS/FATCA adviser must offer the following:

  • Value for Money Compliance. Advice on how to comply with FATCA and the CRS without spending any more on CRS compliance than you would on FATCA compliance. You do not have to spend huge additional sums on CRS compliance.
  • Visible Compliance. It is not enough to comply with these regulations. In the current climate you need to be able to evidence compliance. A trusted adviser will help you shape your FATCA Policy and evidence compliance. This will protect you from reputational damage and fines from the regulator.
  • Coordinated Compliance. The challenge of FATCA, the IGAs and the CRS is that collectively they form a mind boggling array of dizzying ambiguity. A trusted adviser will be able to navigate FATCA, IGA and CRS compliance that is tailored to you own needs and the needs of your customers. This means you will have a roadmap to compliance, where you are, where you want to be and how you are going to get there.

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