Blocked account


§1.1471-4(e)(2)(iii)(B) With respect to recalcitrant account holders and accounts held by nonparticipating FFIs, withhold with respect to each such account as required under paragraph (b) of this section, block each such account (as defined in this paragraph), close each such account within a reasonable period of time, or transfer each such account to a U.S. financial institution, a branch of the FFI that will so report, a participating FFI, or a reporting Model 1 FFI. For purposes of this paragraph (e)(2)(iii)(B), an account is a blocked account if the FFI prohibits the account holder from effecting any transactions with respect to an account until such time as the account is closed, transferred, or the account holder provides the documentation described in paragraph (c) of this section for the FFI to determine the U.S. or non-U.S. status of the account and report the account if required under paragraph (d) of this section.

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