Certified deemed-compliant nonregistering local bank


  • Operates and is licensed solely as a bank or credit union (or similar cooperative credit organization operated without profit) in its country of incorporation or organization;
  • Engages primarily in the business of receiving deposits from and making loans to, with respect to a bank, retail customers unrelated to such bank and, with respect to a credit union or similar cooperative credit organization, members, provided that no member has a greater than five percent interest in such credit union or cooperative credit organization;
  • Does not solicit account holders outside its country of organization;
  • Has no fixed place of business outside such country (for this purpose, a fixed place of business does not include a location that is not advertised to the public and from which the FFI performs solely administrative support functions);
  • Has no more than $175 million in assets on its balance sheet and, if it is a member of an expanded affiliated group, the group has no more than $500 million in total assets on its consolidated or combined balance sheets; and
  • Does not have any member of its expanded affiliated group that is a foreign financial institution, other than a foreign financial institution that is incorporated or organized in the same country as the FFI identified.

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