Change in circumstances


Change in circumstances [§1.1471-3(c)(6)(ii)(E)]

(1) Defined [§1.1471-3(c)(6)(ii)(E)(1)]

For purposes of this chapter, a person is considered to have a change in circumstances only if such change would affect the chapter 4 status of the person. A change in circumstances includes any change that results in the addition of information described in paragraph (e)(4) relevant to a person’s claim of foreign status (that is, U.S. indicia that is not otherwise cured by documentation on file and that is relevant to the chapter 4 status claimed) or otherwise conflicts with such person’s claim of chapter 4 status.

Unless stated otherwise, a change of address or telephone number is a change in circumstances for purposes of this paragraph (c)(6)(ii)(E) only if it changes to an address or telephone number in the United States. A change in circumstances affecting the withholding information provided to the withholding agent, including allocation information or withholding pools contained in a withholding statement or owner reporting statement, will terminate the validity of the withholding certificate with respect to the information that is no longer reliable, until the information is updated.

(2) Obligation to notify withholding agent of a change in circumstances [§1.1471-3(c)(6)(ii)(E)(2)]

If a change in circumstances makes any information on a certificate or other documentation incorrect, then the person whose name is on the certificate or other documentation must inform the withholding agent within 30 days of the change and furnish a new certificate, a new written statement, or new documentary evidence. If an intermediary or a flow-through entity becomes aware that a certificate or other appropriate documentation it has furnished to the person from whom it collects a payment is no longer valid because of a change in the circumstances of the person who issued the certificate or furnished the other appropriate documentation, then the intermediary or flow-through entity must notify the person from whom it collects the payment of the change in circumstances within 30 days of the date that it knows or has reason to know of the change in circumstances. It must also obtain a new withholding certificate or new appropriate documentation to replace the existing certificate or documentation the validity of which has expired due to the change in circumstances.

(3) Withholding agent’s obligation with respect to a change in circumstances [§1.1471-3(c)(6)(ii)(E)(3)]

[Reserved]. For further guidance, see §1.1471-3T(c)(6)(ii)(E)(3).
A certificate or other documentation becomes invalid on the date that the withholding agent holding the certificate or documentation knows or has reason to know that circumstances affecting the correctness of the certificate or documentation have changed. However, a withholding agent may choose to treat a person as having the same chapter 4 status that it had prior to the change in circumstances until the earlier of 90 days from the date that the certificate or documentation became invalid due to the change in circumstances or the date that a new certificate or new documentation is obtained.

See, however, §1.1441-1(e)(4)(ii)(D) for requirements, including the requirement to withhold under chapters 3 or 61, applicable when a change in circumstances occurs for purposes of chapter 3 and the related grace period allowed under §1.1441-1(b)(3)(iv). A withholding agent may rely on a certificate without having to inquire into possible changes of circumstances that may affect the validity of the statement, unless it knows or has reason to know that circumstances have changed. A withholding agent may require a new certificate or additional documentation at any time prior to a payment, regardless of whether the withholding agent knows or has reason to know that any information stated on the certificate or documentation has changed.

(2)(iii) Change in circumstances [§1.1471-4(c)(2)(iii)]
(iii)(A) Obligation to identify a change in circumstances [§1.1471-4(c)(2)(iii)(A)]

A participating FFI is required to institute procedures to ensure that any change in circumstances, as described in paragraph (c)(2)(iii)(B) of this section, is identified by the participating FFI, including procedures to ensure that a relationship manager identifies any change in circumstances with respect to an account. For example, if a relationship manager is notified that the account holder has a mailing address in the United States when there was no U.S. address previously associated with the account, the participating FFI will be required to treat the new address as a change in circumstances and will be required to retain a record of the appropriate documentation from the account holder as described in paragraph (c)(5)(iv)(B)(2)(iii) of this section.

(iii)(B) Definition of change in circumstances [§1.1471-4(c)(2)(iii)(B)]

For purposes of this section, a change in circumstances (as defined in §1.1471-3(c)(6)(ii)(E)) includes any change or addition of information to the account holder’s account (including the addition, substitution, or other change of an account holder) or any change or addition of information to any account associated with such account (applying the account aggregation rules described in §1.1471-5(b)(4)(iii) or by treating…….

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