Financial Asset


The term “Financial Asset” includes a security (for example, a share of stock in a corporation; partnership or beneficial ownership interest in a widely held or publicly traded partnership or trust; note, bond, debenture, or other evidence of indebtedness), partnership interest, commodity, swap (for example, interest rate swaps, currency swaps, basis swaps, interest rate caps, interest rate floors, commodity swaps, equity swaps, equity index swaps, and similar agreements), Insurance Contract or Annuity Contract, or any interest (including a futures or forward contract or option) in a security, partnership interest, commodity, swap, Insurance Contract, or Annuity Contract. The term “Financial Asset” does not include a non-debt, direct interest in real property.

UK Statutory instrument

“financial assets” means—

(a) assets capable of being the subject-matter of a transaction that is an “investment transaction” within the meaning of the Investment Transactions (Tax) Regulations 2014(d),

(b) insurance or annuity contracts,

(c) commodities, or

(d) derivative contracts within the meaning of Part 7 of CTA 2009(e); [UKSI.2014 No. 1506]

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